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Hey guys today I’m looking at a new Forex software called Real Quick Profits. I have a full review on the system and delve into the creator Vince Black.

The software is a meta-trader four trading assistant/signals provider. You place the software onto your meta-trader four chart and then you are given target points in which you would follow to enter trades and set stoplosses etc.

So let me just show you exactly how this would look on your chart if you were to purchase this Forex alert system.

real quick profits on chart
As we can see here the software lays out the targets.

Now let me take a look at some of the results being provided by Vince Black. This is usually a good way of saying is a Forex system is worthwhile or not so let’s see how the Real Quick Profits software stacks up.

real quick profits results page
What we see here is a screenshot of my FX book.


While the results look good there is more than meets the eye here. If this account truly existed we would have access to the account. By this of course, I mean that if you try to click on the image on the website you are not directed to my FX book. Now, this could mean multiple things but the one thing I know it does mean is that Vince Black doesn’t want us to go to this account or this account doesn’t exist.

Real Quick Profits Conclusion

Sadly I am not going to recommend that you purchase the Real Quick Profits Forex software. I have found too many holes in my initial review and I will need someone from Forex robot nation to convince me that this is actually worth my time.

You may disagree with me and you may not like the way I complete my reviews, that is more than fine. If you have something to say you can leave a comment below and of course I’ll get back to you.

Thanks for coming to the site, I hope you subscribe and stay a while and if you have anything to add or anything to say let me know what you think about Real Quick Profits.

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