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Raw FX Review (EA, Indicator, Signals)

Raw FX is a lesser-known Forex trading service offering traders an expert advisor, indicators and trading signals. They consider themselves market leaders, because they “monitor the financial markets in daily to see Trading opportunities” for their worldwide client base. The website comes across as old and antiquated, with a simple black background, in line with the type of websites that were created 10-15 years ago. Some of the pages even break the navigation bar, which is clearly unprofessional, and does not help to instill any confidence.

The creator of these services remains a mystery. They do not introduce themselves, or provide a location of their head offices. The only information we have, is that the support team can be contacted via It is our recommendation to this service provider, that they provide much more information about who they are, and what type of experience they have in the Forex marketplace.


Raw FX Review

The Raw FX website consists of a few short descriptions of each of their services, 3 testimonials, amd some links to their social accounts. There is certainly a sense of oversimplification when it comes to the website in general. The team provides little to no information, which is in line with their plain, blank aesthetic. When dealing with investment products, information is of the utmost importance, which makes these services very difficult to trust.

Expert Advisor

The developers provide us with no description whatsoever of the Raw FX expert advisor. All they tell us, is that their clients are having great success with the system, and that we should visit their Myfxbook account to analyze their trading accounts. So, that’s really all that we can do.

The Myfxbook profile, has 3 accounts, one which ended November 28th, 2018, another which ended December 7th 2018, and one that is still active. The active account has been running for just over 2 weeks. It is a live account with VantageFX trading the AUDUSD, EURUSD and GBPUSD pairs. This account is showing a gain of 13%, with a drawdown of just over 30%. The system has already placed nearly 400 trades, with the average trade length of just over 10 hours.

Despite a deficit of -500 pips, the EA is still showing an overall gain, but this sample size is quite small, and not indicative of future results.

  • The expert advisor is being sold for £499, via PayPal.

As it currently stands, with no strategic insight, and a very small sample size, it is too early to consider this for the Best Forex Robot List, or recommend this product to our readers.

Raw FX Signals

In terms of their Forex signals, the team claims to use technical analysis and price action “to send exclusive entries to our members via the telegram app from Monday to Friday every week.” They promise to provide 2-8 signals per day, with full supporting analysis of each decision that they make.

They also promise a members area chat room, full support, mentoring, and analysis channel and a 20 minute long “weekly breakdown video sent every Sunday evening.”

They provide no trade examples, no in-depth methodological insight, and no verified performance reports.

The team make quite a few promises about what their Raw FX signals service entails, but they fail to provide any examples or proof of their offerings, which is a major drawback, and is going to hold them from touching our 15 Top Forex Signal Providers article.

FX Indicators

The Raw FX group promise a suite of indicators to help traders win more trades. They offer this product for £99 via PayPal.

The vendor provides a 6 1/2 minute video explaining how to use their Forex indicators. This is the most information provided throughout the entire website about any of their product offerings. The video is essentially a short walk through the indicators, which gives a nice outline of the indicators.

There is nothing to suggest or demonstrate that the indicators are viable long-term, as there are no results provided for this product either.


While the Raw FX vendor does come across as knowledgeable, very little of this knowledge is provided to the community. It’s very possible that all 3 of these services are profitable and worthy of our attention, but the vendor does a poor job at attempting to prove this. The website is absent of detail, proof, and anything else that would help to sell Forex services to an educated marketplace. They need to analyze their website, and do much more to prove their systems are worthy of our hard earned money.

If you have anything you would like to contribute to the review, please leave your comments and experiences below the article now.

Raw FX £499
  • Price - 50%
  • Strategy - 60%
  • Trading Results - 65%
  • Client Feedback - 40%
  • Customer Support - 70%


2-8 signals per day
Full support and mentoring
Chat room


No strategic insight
Aggressively negative client feedback

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  1. This is a scam business controlled by a thug/drug dealer who has tattoos of world famous drug dealers all ver his body like Pablo Escobar. Trust at your own risk!

  2. Ya, I actually came across one of RawFX instagram advertisements a few days ago.

    Went to the website and had a similar opinion as you.

    I don’t know why they aren’t providing any information about their product line.

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