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Rapid Results Method

rapid results methodRuss Horn is back again, this time with a new trading product, one gaining a lot of attention, Rapid Results Method.

Well, don’t think your going to get off cheap here, Russ put a heft price tag on this one at $999 or two payments of $650. If your pockets are deep I am afraid you are out of luck.

So what is this new software product? Well where do I start, this systems sales page is loaded full of information. As I scroll through sales page I notice the page is littered with videos. Each video shows a profitable trade using the Rapid Results Method system and then it is discussed and commented on.

Rapid Results Method Video

Watch my helpful Forex Robot Nation review video discussing this trading software in more detail. I will go over what you get when you purchase the software, and more.

I will look at some of the elements of this trading system that I discussed in the video now. I’ll start by going over the collection of DVD’s that comes as part of the software package.

  • DVD 1

This is a basic introduction to Forex. The video will explain in detail, currency pairs, pips, Forex terms, berokages, spreads, lotsizes, swaps, kinds of orders, charts, timeframes, candlestick formations and more.

  • DVD 2

This video is a detailed introduction to Metatrader 4. It covers chart properties, indicators, templates, chart lines, placing orders, mt4 windows, chart adjustments, opening accounts and profiles.

  • DVD 3

This video provides the introduction to the Rapid Results Method strategy. Russ explains the system, market phases, dynamic indicators, entering trades, setting stop losses and take profits.

  • DVD 4

Trading Russ’ method. This is the practical video that deals with chart setup, market phases, ribbon trade, buy examples, sell examples, ghost trade examples and shark trade examples. Ribbon, shark and ghost all referring to different methods of trade set ups.

  • DVD 5

Live trade video. This video provides access to 25 live trades.

  • DVD 6

A collection of all the Webinars Russ has provided. There are 3 webinars, basic necessities, fast rules of the method and trade management.

Rapid Results Method Conclusion

A large price tag. A collection of DVD’s teaching a new trading method by Russ Horn. We really won’t know if this is any good for a few months still.

I am going to see if I can get a copy to see if this method is the real deal. Until then, if you do your research and feel comfortable you can buy the software.

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Hi, I bought the product in Dec last year. I think the comments so far are not fair to Russ. He is a passionate guy who is very willing to teach people. He has webminar with us every thursday. He even gives us bonuses (workable free strategies) which was not mentioned at all in the sales presentation. If he is like what some of you described him, why would he wants to do this? In fact, each of these strategies can be sold separately. He really gives us surprise! The most impressing part to me is he is always there to answer our queries, this guy answers all queries in the member forum. This is truly amazing and shows his commitment and passionate in helping his students. To me he is an honest and good mentor.

  2. Wow! catching newbies on the go!

  3. Lot of newbies miss the point. Russ is someone who has horrible track record and reputation. No need to waste money on it. Listen to people posting comments. If you are so curious, YOU buy it and try it!!!

  4. Hey Guys, how about someone who has actually tried the product post their views, I thought that was the point of this. No use complaining about something you don’t know anything about.

  5. As usual a techical system to trap beginners. Why pay a $1000 for a product you can´t properly test? For a refund you must resend all CD in almost unused state!
    If you use a free technical product you will have almost the same result. This is because that it is you who trade not the system. Trust your eyes and your self, take small steps one at a time and you will have success…. LOOK AT THE CHART not at the lagging indicators.

  6. Something else I won’t be spending my moolah on !

  7. I never liked this guy Russ.

  8. Another system on DVDs with a lot of junk information (maybe useful for begginers). And take a look at the lot size that he uses with the presented live trades 100!! This is not what a regular trader does…so do not expect huge profits with this system unless you have few millions at your disposal. I wonder why they never present the live statement of the use of the system…I had in my life also few nice trades but a majority of very bad. If I would record all of them to attract people to junk product I would present only the best ones…and that is what we are problably experiencing with this and many similar products. When they charge you 1000 $ for the system and even when you return the system they will have a large sum for at least 60 days to invest, and they might not care whether the system works or not – they already won. I wouldn’t invest in this or any similar system…

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