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radar-fxRadarFX is a social Forex scanner. The software uses a unique technology to find and analyze trade signals provided in twitter social network. It looks like the point of this website is to acquire emails from traders and then sell them signals.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting you know exactly what the software is all about and whether I trust it for my own trading.

RadarFX Review

I have to say I’m quite unenthused by the RadarFX website. They claim to be offering this extremely unique tool to scrape twitter and provide the best Forex signals possible. All they are doing is providing a feed using very little technology at all. You could essentially go on twitter and in the exact same thing they are doing. They obviously just set up a simple tool and selected a handful of different hashtags that have to do with their top.ic I’ve been on the website for some time now and the real-time feed is an even updating it’s been the exact same for tweets for the past 20 minutes. It’s possible this that this feed doesn’t even work.

They claim the RadarFX works by taking advantage of 4 simple steps. They collect signals from all over the web including Twitter and Facebook. Here they’ve somehow spealt twitter incorrectly. Then they provide these trading signals to a traders smart phones and emails. So basically instead of looking at the charts and doing research like other signal providers they will simply scour the Internet and take someone else’s signals and give them to you. Considering I can do this myself I’m not going to be interested in this product.

I will not be recommending the RadarFX signals to any of the Forex robot nation readers. It’s an interesting concept but to me it feels a lot like they are taking an easy route, and it’s not a safe one either. If they are just scooping up trades off Facebook and twitter how would we know if the signals are actually viable or not. We wouldn’t, and that’s the problem. If there’s something you would like to contribute to this review please leave your comments and questions below the article now. Thanks for coming to Forex robot nation and I hope you have a wonderful day.

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