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Quantum Binary Signals Review

quantum binary signals logoHey guys, today I am looking at and reviewing a new binary options service that sends trading signals to mobile devices, Quantum Binary Signals.

I really just got wind of this new binary system that provides “up to 3 quality trades a day sent to your mobile & email”. Sounds pretty good but watch out for the price tag on this one as it sits at $150.00 a month and as a trader that is a tough pill to swallow.

I have been looking into binary options for about half a year now to earn money alongside my Forex trades so I find it kind of strange that this is the first time I have come across this Quantum Binary Signals service.

I am really not going to dive too deep into this. I think I would rather have some of the Forex Robot Nation community jump in with their thoughts on this new Binary options service.

If you think Quantum Binary Signals is the real deal then let me know and maybe I will give it a shot. Until then I will continue to do research and hopefully add some more insight on this service on this page.

So that’s it for today, let me know what you think.

Quantum Binary Signals

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  1. They may be joining the SignalPush family soon – which will help debunk any concerns over their performance. If you’d like to see that, make sure to let them know!

  2. I desided to test it this week. I payed for the trial and yesterday was 3 wins, 1 los.
    The signals on e-mail and on your phone are not at the same time, there is still delay in between, sometimes e-mail is first, than the mobile. It can be up to several minutes in between. If you get a signal, then sometimes the ‘given up’ entry is higher, and i looked at the chart, and could only mean that there is a delay in the sms-message. For example, put EUR/USD at 1,2863, then i look at the chart, and it’s at 1,2856 already. Don’t know if it is the provider from my phone (maybe it’s very busy) or that it is something else. However, i’ll keep you guys posted this week.

    • “We usually send the signals at the beginning of every hour so in
      the first 10-15 minutes so you can wait while you already logged in
      to your platform when you don’t sleep of course.
      Than you will be able to catch much better rates but always be patient and wait to the right price so
      you can even skip a trade if its too late.”
      I’m sorry, but do these guys really call that signals…in 15 minutes the world could be friggin’ upside down. Every second counts in binary’s. They send signals, yeah, the rest is guessing…

      I now know how this works…not good. Lost 250 in 2 days. I’ve had it. AUS/USD…they say WIN, i say..bullshit. nobody could have won that trade with that signal.

      • 3 quality trades….my ass. I had 15 signals today, destroying my account to a bare minimum. I’m even holding on to 5-10%max per trade. i don’t need to go further with friday. i have send them an e-mail canceling my trial right now. I DO NOT RECOMMEND!!!

        • The list of trades is now online on their website. Just as i thought, some ‘wins’ on their chart are major losses. “”So again no manipulation on the results can be done.”” Yeah right. What a farce.

  3. disqus_miEWXq79XZ

    ok guys my week of testing this has ended in a small loss so im just not convinced enough to pay the $150 a month fee hoping to make money, maybe it was just a down week for them, who knows but onward to test something else….

    • from 11-14 march, they had 18 wins and 9 losses. If you had traded al with 100 dollars (70% win) that’s 70×18=1260 – (9×100=900)=360 profit. With other words, did you or did you not trade all signals, or did you trade with different amounts of money?


        Hi… I think trading is a long term thing you have to trade a month to see results. Thanks for your review… It would be great to know how many trades you won in a row… And how many trade you lost in a row.. As you can trade in different size of trades… But then you are taking a big risk if you lose 6 and over in a row etc…


        Hi… Where did you get that trade information from????

        • All trades from QBS are updated on their own website. You can see there if it has won or lost. with friday, it stands at 21 wins and 12 losses. So in one week QBS made 270 dollar if you traded constant with 100 dollars. If it costs 150 per month, I think that’s not worth it. It loses to often in my humble opinion.


      Hi… Can you tell us how many trades did you executed.. And how many you won and lost please.

      • disqus_miEWXq79XZ

        I placed 20 trades and won 10 0f those, some I didnt take due to expiry differences so I made a small loss, maybe if you use one of the other brokers they advise then you might make money, im just not prepared to risk $150 a month yet, if the week had gone a bit better then I would keep going, please feel free to try their $10 trial and see if you get better results with a different broker

  4. disqus_miEWXq79XZ

    Day two and managed to place 4 trades, 1 loss, 2 wins and one still running


      Hi.. Are you getting the signals…in time before you cannot trade them??
      As you could get a signal and then before your trade that signal you could be out of position so timing is very important
      Please keep up posted.. With your trades… Regards Will

      • disqus_miEWXq79XZ

        I receive the signals via text, sometimes I need to wait for the right entry price but not normally for long, some expiries are not available on my broker but it is a broker they advise to use so not sure whats happening with that, all in all not sure how good the signals are but I finish the week trial Friday, today so far 6 signals, 2 losses and 4 still running so will update later


          Hi… I advise you find a another compatible broker… That is not affiliated with your binary service signal provider. I think they have an agreement where… One pays the other a fixed fee of payments. You need find a broker that is compatible with your trades and software. And most of all who dose not have any agreement at all. I think that would be the best way to approach binary trading….. !!

  5. disqus_miEWXq79XZ

    Im currently using the quantum binary signals, I started today and won 2-1 so a good start to the week, will keep you posted on further results.

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