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Pro Trade Simulator – Forex System Review

pro trade simulatorPro Trade Simulator – Forex System Review

This is a system that a bunch of users are starting to ask me about. I got an email from the developer and so I decided to take a further look at the Pro Trade Simulator.

My hope is that it doesn’t just simulate pro forex trades and actually gives us them.

UPDATE: We have new information about the pro trade simulator, is now available for purchase.

So now that the pro trade simulator is available I have more information about the system to provide you. It is a forex signal provider. They have a group of trading veterans with over 20 years trading epxerience making trades for you. Each client of pro trade simulator gets their own personal assigned trader that will make trades on your behalf and it is their job to ensure your account grows.

Below is a chart that depicts the winning rate of the pro trade simulator traders in the last 18 month as they were specifically chosen and tested for this job.

pro trade simulator results

Below is earlier information written before we got more details about pro trade simulator:

But joking aside, I will discuss first what you get and what you can purchase as a part of the pro trade simulator. Sadly, at this point in time the forex system does not have enough information available for us to provide a full pro trade simulator review.

I have gone through all the available resources and this system is very well hidden. It is now released earlier than expected, so at this point in time we will have to wait at least another 24 hours before we get all the details on the pro trade simultator.

Part of being early and getting you the scoop as early as possible is that often we get the scoop on a new forex system before it is even released. If you have any tips or information on pro trade simulator that you would like to provide then please leave a comment below.

We hope that this new forex software will be one that we can throw on our live accounts immediately. At this point in time there are only whispers coming from behind the scenes of this forex software so check back in soon as I will be continually updating the forex pro trade simulator review.

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  1. does this really make money??
    99.9% of things of the internet are scams!

  2. I am making money on demo with FX and CTF which I believe is their basic purchase bot

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