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Pro Auto Trader – Forex Robot Review

pro auto trader

Wow, exciting new Forex release Pro Auto Trader, the name is similar but the product is not. This is a brand new Forex robot that I have already heard a few things about and I am going to go over all the details in this review immediately.

Tagline: SFFT & TSTET Driven Robot. It’s not only fast, it’s hyper fast.

I am sure you are wondering immediately what these Pro-Auto-Trader acronyms mean and don’t worry I will certainly get into all of it. Since these Forex acronyms are already at the top of my tongue let me go ahead and get started by clearing that up immediately.

  • SFFT – This is a super flawless filtering technology. I know that sounds stupid, but developers are meant to be behind the code, not in front!
  • TSTET – This acronym represents the time sensitive trade exit technology. I like this one a lot more, this keeps it straight forward and thus we know exactly what purpose this has in the pro auto trader Forex robot.

Pro Auto Trader Results

As this is often the most important element of a Forex Robot it is nice to see that the Pro Auto Trader developers are providing this to us. So keep in mind these are not the Forex Robot Nation independent results, these are results provided by the Pro Auto Trader team.

Pro Auto Trader Conclusion

From what I see so far, there are things that I like. I like the fact that they provide results and that the sales page doesn’t seem very forward. This is a system I plan on testing and adding to the best Forex robot comparison table.

If you have any comments, really anything you would like to add at all please leave a comment below and start the discussion.

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 pro auto trader

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Hey Jen,
    You seem to have hung No 2, Pro Auto Trader without even a trial. Poor Guy.obody seems interested in him anymore. Does anyone have anything to say about this???

  2. oooh ignore number 2 – only number 1. above is relevant… duhhhhhhhh 2nd one is for auto trader not pro auto trader…. Number 1 is correct tho according to – someone 🙂

  3. Amusing read I found on this one…2 entries below. Maybe i wont be trying this one!!! For info guys:

    1. his EA comes with a 60 days “MANDATORY” results money back guarantee.
    It means you have to run it at least 59 days, pull the results and send it to get your money back. The EA is a “scalper” that trades certain “session” of 1 hr or 3 hrs a day.
    We all know that high speed scalpers may do well in demo but a complete different history in real money accounts. So, here is the catch… you are probably insane if you run the EA in a real account for 59 days just to ck it out. If you run 59 days in a demo, you “may ” be in profit on the demo, therefore they will not give you a refund. If after that you try in real account… guarantee is over. If you try a few days in real account and you find out that does not work, it does not matter because you need a 59 days report to get money back. Well you get the idea.

    2. extract: Well, let me tell you purchasing the Forex Auto Trader was the worst decision of my life. I was promised to make money in just weeks but after 3 1/2 weeks I had made absolutely no money and was losing $100s a day. …After making no money like I was promised I decided I must return this software before I go bankrupt so I emailed the support team of the Forex Auto Trader who claimed you would get your money back in 48 hours or less. … Well 5 days later I received no money back and not even an email or message back from the support team! I couldn\’t believe this and was absolutely furious. I had just been scammed! … From believing I would be making 6 figures in a few weeks to losing more money than I could imagine in just a few days I was completely disappointed. The Forex Auto Trader was a complete scam and stole my $140 as well as the $100s I lost in the forex market. I highly recommend that you do not try the Forex Auto Trader because I am sure you will be scammed just like I was.

  4. Has anyone tried Forex Hijacker from Canonbury publishing or Pro Auto trader recommended by Vladimer Ribakov who has seemed trustworthy and genuine in the past.

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