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Prime Forex Signals – Francis Allen Review

Today I am looking at Prime Forex Signals a signal program developed by Francis Allen. Francis is a 10 year Forex trader that claims to be behind $400 million dollars in trading profit in 2010. Encompassing 3 trading strategies and signals that they claim will make you thousands in Forex.

Tagline: Simple, you need a mouse, the internet, and $1.00 in Forex to make thousands!

prime forex signals

Sounds so simple, but are Prime Forex Signals really this magical? This is what I will set out to see, and of course with the help of the FRN users we will come to a determination on this Forex signal service. Let me show you an image taken from their Forex site that shows how easy they believe it is to be successful with this software.

The members area for Prime Forex Signals looks pretty unique as well. This is something that I personally like about this system. They say it is simple and it does seem really simple. The one thing we don’t know is the most important variable, how good are these Forex signals.

prime forex signals members area

There is one other screen shot that shows a bunch of trades and results of Prime Forex Signals. It really confuses me quite a bit though as it looks like SL is being hit on multiple trades that are still becoming winners. Obviously this is something I will have to look into further.

Prime Forex Signals Conclusion

If you are into Forex signals this is likely for you. At this point we are unaware exactly how how well this system performs but from what we have heard we are satisfied to this point. Feel free to try out this Prime Forex Signals membership program and let us know and the FRN users know your experiences by leaving a comment below.

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  1. I am still in the dark as to how it works(I mean the prime forex signals). Do you just hit the buttons only(the buy or sell buttons), or you have to change or move some numbers. What about the ‘stop loss level’ and ‘the take profit order’, do I have to calculate and change these or they are automatically generated. In a nutshell, How Do I Trade ie. what moves do I take.

  2. I found that Prime Forex Signals didn’t work so well for me. Often a signal would go green and I would buy, only to see the signal change again and I would lose money like that. Sometimes it works, but often it doesn’t. Another thing is that when I wanted to cancel my subscription, I was ignored initially and money was deducted from my credit card despite the fact that I asked them a month prior to cancel. To date I have not been reimbursed, despite numerous requests. Be careful.

  3. Hi David,
    Thanks for the thumbs up. What is the minmum investment and returns that could expect from this signal service. Dont worry I will not hold you to it. I just need an Idea. By the way has anybody tried Vladimirs signal service???

  4. I tried the Forex opportunity several times, but this system is completely different than any other. I can say that this is exactly what I’ve been looking for. This system really works, and it doesn’t require technical knowledge on Forex. I earn money online, working from my home 3 hours per week, just as I always wanted to.

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