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Price Action 5 – Forex Trading Ebook

Price Action 5Price Action 5 – Forex Trading Ebook

Today I will be looking at a cheap forex ebook. This is a new system that a bunch of the Forex Robot Nation users are testing called Price Action 5.

A forex trading strategy that banks hundreds of pips every week trading less than 7 minutes a day.

This price action 5 ebook is meant to be easy to read, follow and implement in your own forex trading platform. It is being called a serious strategy for serious traders.

Looking at the #1 Secret the price action 5 system follows:

Always use higher time frames, it is simple, basic even but will always earn you more money with your forex trading. While this is only a small part of the price action 5 serious, it offers a lot to the largely profitable strategy. There are five rules in place that all must be qualified before a trade is created. By putting all these rules together the possibility of achieving a positive trade is much easier. This creates a better win loss ratio, one that you can be proud of with price action 5.

The price action 5 strategy is very easy to implement, and even easier to understand. This is not a system that tells you when to buy and sell it is something you need to understand and follow to have success.

If you have any information about price action 5 that you would like to add please leave a comment below. We will be adding more information into our price action 5 review as we test the system out.

Try Price Action 5

Price Action 5

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  1. Hi !

    I’d like to ask a few questions on the “Price Action 5” manual system.

    – Basically, does the system require the use of (lagging) indicators or has it been conceived to work with no indicators at all (i.e. 100% based on price action)?

    – If based on price action, does the system require from clients recognition of price action patterns of candlestick formations?

    – What’s the usual amount in pips for SL and for TP in the 5M timeframe / 30M timeframe / 1H timeframe? 4H timeframe? Daily timeframe?

    – With this system, at which specific times of the day will I need to watch my charts (I live in Europe gmt+1)?

    – Does the system require a remote server (vps) in order to work 24/5?

    – Does the system need to work on a stealth mode (to keep SL and TP undetected from brokers)?

    Thank you in advance for your kind answer.



  2. How many pages are in this ebook? I have a problem believing that it does not use any indicators could this be true?

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