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EP 5: Updates & Negative Attacks

It’s been a while since our last podcast, but we figured it’s time to let you know what’s happening with Forex Robot Nation, the Forex Fury V4 update and address some of the attacks coming against us. Forex Robot Nation Changes First things first, we discuss our move to a new server. This is great news for our readers because …

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EP 4: Forex Trading & Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Today is a very short podcast, just under 5 minutes giving a quick update about trading during the global pandemic. The Corona virus is having an obvious impact on the Forex market, making it more volatile and difficult to predict. This makes both manual traders, and robot traders like us in a worse position than we were before. That being …

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EP 3: Testing & Winning in 2020

In the third episode of the Forex Robot Nation podcast we discuss testing and winning in 2020. Many traders still put too much emphasis on backtesting or strategy testing. While this can be helpful, it is not a true determination of past trading results when dealing with advanced automated trading programs that use live data. There are some robots that …

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EP 2: Are Forex Robots a Scam?

There are multiple reasons why the Forex robot marketplace is often considered a scam. The market was started by a rush of internet marketers looking to make money off of Forex traders.Traders / Clients expect to “get rich quick” and proclaim anything that takes effort a scam. These are the two main aspects we cover in the podcast, and they …

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EP 1: Introduction to Forex Robots

Trying something new today, with the first episode of the Forex Robot Nation podcast. We really aren’t sure about this new concept, but we want to foray into some new areas and we feel this can provide some helpful content. Our fearless leader PatrickFX tends to be long winded and rant about utter nonsense at times, but this is just …

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