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EP 4: Forex Trading & Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Forex Robot Nation's Official Trading Podcast
Forex Robot Nation's Official Trading Podcast
EP 4: Forex Trading & Corona Virus (Covid-19)

Today is a very short podcast, just under 5 minutes giving a quick update about trading during the global pandemic. The Corona virus is having an obvious impact on the Forex market, making it more volatile and difficult to predict. This makes both manual traders, and robot traders like us in a worse position than we were before. That being said, we don’t believe that it’s time to close up shop, and we have taken steps to ensure our robots are continuing to perform.

Trading and Self Isolation

One of the main advantages many of us have right now is that we are self isolated with nothing to do. This gives us the opportunity to either sit around watching Netflix, or do something more productive, like setting up some Forex robot demo accounts.

There are always two ways to look at something, the positive way or the negative way.

We think this is a great time for new traders to start trading, and take advantage of this time to start a new hobby.

What Have We Done?

We have done a fair amount of work with Forex Fury and Forex Steam, to ensure our systems are still performing well in the current market conditions.

With Fury, we launched a V3 update just in time, that added a range detection system which has really helped keeping us out of trending market conditions. In many cases, this means less trades, but less risk.

With Steam, we haven’t done anything in particulare with the code, but we do recommend using a time restricted approach so you aren’t in the markets 24 hours a day. There are times when the market is a little calmer, and those are the times we want to take advantage of.

What’s Next?

It’s difficult to say how the market is going to move in the coming weeks or months, but we are doing everything we can to stay ahead of it. We have seen some major gains in our rankings, and are starting to reach more and more traders, which means we have more responsibility to help. There is a lot of opportunity out there, and we will continue doing everything we can to make sure that we present the best options to you.

Thank you for listening to episode 4 of the Forex Robot Nation podcast, and feel free to let us know if you need any help.

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