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EP 5: Updates & Negative Attacks

Forex Robot Nation's Official Trading Podcast
Forex Robot Nation's Official Trading Podcast
EP 5: Updates & Negative Attacks

It’s been a while since our last podcast, but we figured it’s time to let you know what’s happening with Forex Robot Nation, the Forex Fury V4 update and address some of the attacks coming against us.

Forex Robot Nation Changes

First things first, we discuss our move to a new server. This is great news for our readers because it makes the website better in a few ways:

  • Overall speed of the website is faster
  • Better for community discussion (we also updated our commenting platform)
  • Giving us more access to resources to expand our tests for Forex Robots, Indicators and Signals services.

Also, we are resolving an issue with our Best Forex Robot testing table right now. It isn’t updating properly because of the server change. We are addressing this with our development team and they should have a resolution shortly. We understand that this is a hassle, but know that if we do have any major changes to the accounts we will be up front about this. Just keep an eye on our socials, because we will be updating more about this on there if necessary.

Forex Fury V4

The next topic we discuss in the podcast is about the Fury V4 update. This is not going to be released soon, as we have our staff focused on testing all the different ideas being put forward. If you have an idea you want tested out, just go to the Forex Fury Blog, and you’ll see an area where you can leave a comment with what you want to see.

This is a great process and something that other developers should do more of. Yet, they likely don’t have the same amount of resources we have here at Forex Robot Nation, which is why are regarded as the best development team in the market.

Negative Reviews

There seem to be some negative attacks against us lately. We address this and let you know that they are baseless claims. A bunch of people keep trying to say that we aren’t up front about owning Forex Fury and Forex Steam, but this is obnoxious. We claim ownership on every page on both websites, and have talked about this in our blog and podcast multiple times.

It’s really not something we want to have to keep getting into, but after 10 years, there’s always going to be someone trying to take the crown.


Just want to say thanks for the time everyone is spending here at Forex Robot Nation, and hope that we can continue to provide you with the support you need to be successful in the Forex marketplace.

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