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Pivot Point Forex Trading Strategy

I made $14,000 in six days. 

Why should you care? Because this week I’m going to give you my Pivot Point Forex Trading Strategy that did it, show you my live trades and get you on the beach where you belong. 

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Pivot Point Forex Trading Strategy

Normally at this part of the video, I give you a bit more background into the strategy, but I’m exhausted from my ceremony. I had too many drinks, so let’s just pop right into the charts.

Let’s start winning some trades. My pivot point trading strategy works on the 30 minute timeframe and uses three indicators. So just click on the indicators. All of the indicators are free. Trading view itself is free. And I use the stochastic indicator. I use the relative strength indicator, and I use the pivot point standard indicator. And you don’t have to change these settings on all of these. We’re just going to run default settings. 

The foundation of this strategy is the pivot point indicator. This is a leading indicator. Every single day At the beginning of the day, it plots the support and resistance lines as you see right here. And it also plots the pivot line right in the middle based on the previous day, high, low, and close. The purpose of the pivot line and the supportive resistance lines is to tell us where price is going and what we can expect. With the strategy I’m teaching you today what we’re looking for is whether the price is above or below our pivot line, which is the P line right here. This is our pivot line. 

Now what we’re looking for is the price to be below the pivot line. Like you see right here, we would want the RSI to be below 50, which you would see right about here. And you would want these to Stochastic to also be below 50, right about here. 

So in this case, we actually would have a sell opportunity and we would bank all of these pips. So this is really easy. All we want is the price to be below our pivot line. We want the RSI below 50. We want the Stochastic below 50, and then we have sell opportunities and it’s the opposite for buy opportunities. So let me get right into my trades and show you what happened this week.

Pivot Point Strategy Live Losing Trade

It’s day one, trade one, let’s set the tally at $0 and see how much money I make using the pivot point trading strategy. Now the pivot point line is right here. We have candles closing beneath this line. We have our stochastic and our RSI both below 50. So we have a sell opportunity. What I do on this first US dollar Canadian dollar sell trade is bank about twenty-five pips, but I get too greedy. I don’t actually have a strategy at this point. It reverses. I end up hitting the stop loss. I lose about $3,300 on this trade, but don’t worry, I bounce back. 

After diving in and taking that first loss, I decided to do some quick backtesting and i’ve found that the best take profit is somewhere around 12 to 20 pips for this strategy. And for my stop loss, I’m just going to be using a risk reward ratio of around 1 to 1.5 or use the previous lows. Let’s jump into trade number two and see how it went.

Pivot Point Strategy Live Winning Trades

All right. So it’s day two. Today, I’m going to show you four trades. I know I lost yesterday, but i’ve got a handle on this pivot point trading strategy now, and I’m going to show you some wins. So let’s jump into my first trade. This is on the New Zealand dollar US dollar. It’s a sell trade. You can see, we are closing candles below the pivot point right here. We are getting below the 50 on the RSI and the stochastic right here, giving us a good sell opportunity. 

We ended up winning this trade. It went in our direction immediately and hit for $1,460. This is a nice win. I could have picked up some more pips down here, but as I learned the strategy a little bit more and get a bit more acquainted with it, I will do better. Trust me. Now let’s move to the next one. 

For the second trade I have a US dollar Canadian dollar buy trade. You can see here, my risk reward ratio isn’t great, but I do have the stochastic and the RSI going above the 50 mark right here. I have the price closing above the pivot point, as you can see right here. So I decide to place a buy trade. This is an easy trade. I win $1,418. Obviously I would like to capture more of these pips, but you will see as I go on through the next few days that I do get better at this as I always do, as I move on with strategies. 

So next we have the third trade, which is the great Britain pound us dollar trade. This is all in the same day. On this trade You can see here, the candles are closing below the pivot point. We have the RSI and the stochastic both right here, dipping below the 50 mark giving us the sell opportunity. The trade goes immediately in my direction and on this trade, it’s a big winner for over $3,000 worth $3,120. So again, a really nice win. I could have picked up a little bit more right here, which is good. It’s showing you that the trades are going in our direction for a longer period of time. And I can adjust to that in the future. 

The last trade here is the Australian dollar US dollar. This is another sell trade. You can see, we are getting candles starting to close beneath the pivot point. Then I’m thinking, all right, we have the RSI below 50, the stochastic below 50. So we have another sell opportunity. With this trade it goes immediately in my direction, just like the last one. And I end up hitting $2,445 for just an incredible day. And you can see this trade again, goes in the direction a little bit more so you can see these entries with this strategy are absolutely insane. So let’s tally it up and then move on to the next day. 

Quick Analysis

So after my first trade, I was down $3,000, but after four more trades, I am now up $5,100 and I have four trades left. Over the next four days, I’m going to place one trade every single day. And we’ll see how I end up in the end. This pivot point trading strategy worked really well for me when I was just starting out in trading. So I’m really happy to get back to my roots. And I think this is a great strategy for you. So let’s show you the next few trades and then tally up the final results.

Pivot Point Strategy Win Streak

All right, So after a couple of days, I’m up $5,100 and now it’s time to pile on to that. So let’s look at the first trade. This is a US dollar Swiss Frank trade. You can see the prices closing beneath the pivot lines. Our RSI and our stochastic are below 50. So we have a sell opportunity. This trade goes up a little bit, but then comes right down into our win. And this is a win worth $1,917. This was an easy trade. 

Now I know a lot of you are going to ask, does this work on cryptocurrencies? Does this trading strategy work on cryptocurrencies? And you know, it does. So I did a litecoin trade. You can see here on this trade, we have the close beneath the pivot points. Again, we have the RSI and the stochastic underneath 50 at this point right here and at this point right here. So we have a sell opportunity. The trade goes in our direction almost immediately and is a fantastic win of $3,230. There’s a bit more pips we could have claimed right here, but I’m very happy with a trade over $3,000. Now let’s move to the third trade. 

This was a Euro US dollar trade. This was the third day in a row. I’m really starting to feel this strategy. You can see here, we have the candles closing a above the pivot point right here. We have the RSI and these stochastic just getting above the 50 mark rate here and right here. So we have the buy opportunity rate here and what a fantastic trade this is going immediately in our direction and winning me $1,905 using the pivot point trading strategy yet again. Now  again, there are more pips for us to claim. So the one thing I probably would do if I test this strategy a bit more is maybe put some sort of a trailing stop on it, or maybe just let the trades breathe a little bit more because after the first loss, I got a bit nervous.

So I tightened up my take profit. But there’s no reason to be upset winning these trades, the strategy is working. 

Let’s move to the fourth and final trade here. This was another US dollar Swiss Frank win. You can see right here, we are trading below the pivot point. Again, we have our RSI and our stochastic both getting below the 50 mark. So we are looking for another sell trade. You know, I’m crushing sell trades this week. And so we opened the trade up right here. Boom! It goes in our direction. We hit this winner. This is for another $1,917 to close out the week. And what a great strategy this is. 

So this one you can see it’s actually really, really good trade because it does end up coming back. And so it is a good take profit part. It was good to have the take profit around 12 to 20 pips. Obviously I think I can do better than that, but this is a really good strategy. Let me show you exactly how I did. Let me show you the exact results right now. 


So after six days using the pivot point trading strategy, I ended up banking $14,100, which is absolutely crazy. If you guys have any comments or questions about this strategy, leave them below the article right now. And if you ever want to see me do any other strategy, if there’s a strategy you want me to test, please let me know. This is a real win-win situation for me because I’m using these old strategies, testing some new strategies and I’m making money while educating you. So everyone’s winning and I’m loving, really loving doing these videos. So that’s it for today guys, until next time, go out there, make some cash. Peace.

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