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Pips Raider – The Forex PipRaider

The Pips Raider is a new Forex trading system built to help you earn money in the market. I will tell you whether it has these capabilities or if it falls flat.

Tagline: Forex loophole will gain you $1,000, $2,400 or even $5,100 in profits every single day.

So here we go again, Pips Raider is the latest subject in the Forex Robot Nation review series. As I mentioned above I will look at everything involved with this new Forex product and tell you whether or not it is going to be worth your time. Let’s start with some details.

Pips Raider Products

  • Pips Raider – $77.00
  • The Cash Group – $197.00
  • PR Advanced – $67.00
  • Pips Raider Pro – $47.00

pips raider

First things first, the Pips Raider website is lackluster. The images aren’t great and the only results or shred of hope they give us is presented in backtest images. The days for backtests are obviously not 100% gone but they cannot be relied upon as the only source of research.

I have read through nearly the entire Pips Raider page and there is no information jumping out at me. While the Forex system is available at this point the information is very limited, this may be because it has not fully launched or we have to go in blind.

Pips Raider Conclusion

So what is the final verdict? At this point I will have to leave it open, as a TO BE DETERMINED. Sadly, there is just not enough information for me to really give a grade until I test this Forex Pips Raider myself.

If you have any information about Pip Raider that you would like to add to the review then I would surely like to hear it. Leave a comment below and contribute to the Forex Robot Nation community.

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About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Is it just me, or are ALL the Forex systems/EAs sold on Plimus, instead of ClickBank, either outright scams or totally worthless, much like Pips Raider?

  2. Interesting info from you guys. I had a look at the site. That guy that fronts the video going by the name James Sinclair….well he is familiar……then it clicked. Hes that paid two bit actor that fronted FAP Turbo some years back. Im sure it was fap turbo. Someone on FPA did a check on him and put it out there for all to read.He claims in the video he developed and owns Pip Raider. Anyway all good for a giggle eh !! Go have a looksee He alone is all you would need not to buy this

  3. I dont think any good trader would love to trade with Take Profit of 5 pips and Stoploss of 100pips which is dangerous and simply a game of “hold and hope” IMO.

  4. Good grab Ral, are there any other indications?

  5. IN my previous post, I meant its a backtest of an EA I made sometime ago. And the attached backtest image link is 90% quality.

    Secondly, The system behind the EA is gaps. I made it when i noticed there where pip gaps b/w close and opening of candle wrt broker price feeds. I even went further to make an indie that plotted histogram and displayed the gap in pips. Now when I say gap i dont mean weekend gaps rather intraday price gaps which occur everyday. I cant go on to explain in details to avoid making a long post. I made my point in the previous post. its a scam from an “amateur Joe”.

  6. This actually is an EA I made sometime ago, I bragged with a backtest I made sometime last month on myfxbook. I received lots of request from people asking to buy or exchange the EA. Exact same inputs Stoploss=100pips and TakeProfit=5pips and 25% model quality when backtested on 1 minute timeframe. After some very little polishing and timeframe change, stoploss and takeprofit remaining the same. I had this

    Finally i stuck this in my library just over a weeks ago when I successfully completed a much more better EA.
    What am trying to say is this EA is a very big and amateur Scam and no FRN member should attempt buying it .Cheers all

  7. Nice grab Ral,

    He is talking about the backtest image that is directly in the middle of this post.

  8. Model quality=25%. Someones gotta be kidding. Totally amateur ..

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