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Pips Prospect by Mark Wilson – Forex System

Today I am reviewing Pips Prospect a new Forex system by Mark Wilson.

I have never heard of Mark before so let’s hope he has a thick skin.

The software is being sold for $47 on the Clickbank payment processor.

His system looks for windfall gains, and times trades with pin point laser accuracy.

Seems like jargon to me.

Here is his big winner Pips Prospect motto.

Tagline: Sick of feeling like you’re on the outside? Like the world and it’s money are moving faster than you can? Like a few insiders won’t let you success in Forex? Don’t be left behind.

Wow, that tagline makes me want to puke.

So Is Mark Wilson’s Pips Prospect Worth the Money

Should I just say no flat out? I want to.

As I look at the sales pitch I find myself nothing but disappointed. How many of these nonsensical Forex products have to be released. Who is actually buying this?

What I would like to say to Forex vendors is simple. If you create a Forex product, tell me about it.

I am on the Pips Prospect site, and there is nothing but story. I want to know some technical aspects of the strategy so I can figure out if it’s good or not but that isn’t even available and it much be too much to ask.

So, What About the Results

Of course Pips Prospect has no results, what did you expect. If Mark really can’t even tell us what the system is how can he provide us with results?

He has provided us with screen shots that we can laugh at at least.

laughable results
You are not fooling anyone with this screenshot.

Do I waste anymore time on this review? I don’t think so.

Pips Prospect is another system that doesn’t command or deserve your money. This message has been sponsored by Forex Robot Nation.

If you still feel inclined to purchase this software, you can, there is a 60 day money back guarantee. Yet, I really don’t recommend it from what I’ve seen.

If I’m dead wrong here and you have used Mark’s system and want to call me out, then leave a comment below about Pips Prospect.

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