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Pips Profit Dominion

pips profit dominionPips profit dominion is a new Forex software by Sean Taylor that provides trading signals including take profit and stop loss. The developer believes that you can win 90% of your trades by copying a strategy of a renegade trader that makes between $4-$20,000 a day.

Today I’ll be providing a review of this software and letting the readers of Forex robot nation understand all the important elements.


Pips Profit Dominion Review

The layout for this website is very similar to many failed Forex products of the past which makes me skeptical right off the bat about the pips profit Dominion. These websites always have a video that looks exactly like this one and then a screenshot of a my FX book account that cannot be clicked. I believe that this my FX book screenshot has been fabricated.


The more I look at the pips profit Dominion website more I have the believe that this is the same software vendor that is been providing bad Forex products for the last year or so. He always provides an indicator that can work in all time frames, and all trading sessions and it just never turns out right. There is rarely ever a strategy behind these systems and in this case Sean Taylor really provides is little to no information about this strategy as well.

Is very hard for me to invest money and something that is not really discussed. The pips profit Dominion shows multiple trade examples but never really gets into the strategy or how we can use this with that are owned strategies.


At this point there is no way that I could recommend the pips profit Dominion to any of the Forex robot nation readers. I am almost 100% sure this developer is the same one providing bad products and outside of that there is no real information that makes this look professional or successful. I don’t see much potential here and that is enough for me to avoid this product. If you something you would like to contribute please leave your comments below and if you think I’m wrong tell me so.

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