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Pips Multiplier FRN Review – Pip Multiplier

pips multiplierHere we go again, Pips Multiplier is the latest greatest, hottest, new Forex software available, or is it? I feel like I have seen this movie before. Is it me or are Forex releases starting to lose their originality? That in no way means it is a bad Forex product, what it does mean is, smarten up! Fun is over, I will give you all the details needed about this new Forex Software under review.

Pips Multiplier Tagline: A secret’s about to be completely exposed and the impact of this revelation is supposed to change the landscape of forex forever.

Just because it is supposed to change it, doesn’t mean it will. So as always I get the scoops real early so there isn’t that much information about Pips Multiplier right now but I do have enough to keep us satisfied for the time being. Lets start by taking a look at the pricing structure of the products.

Pips Multiplier Pricing Structure

  • Main Product (Pips Multiplier): $297
  • (Auto Pips Multiplier Pro): $197.00
  • (Protege Program): $497.00
  • (Pips Maker Ultra): $97
  • (Advanced Hyper Trader): $47
As always I remind you, you do not need to buy every single part of a system to be successful. You really only need to purchase what you feel you are ready for, and what you have time for. You don’t want to buy something that you are never going to use!


Pips Multiplier Results

Now there is a pipmultiplier on myfxbook but it looks to be a manual account live trading so I don’t think this is the one. They should be adding some Forex results of their own soon anyways so check back and I will have more results added in here.

 Results added 8/8/2011

pip multiplier

Here we can see what currencies the Pips Multiplier system trades. It does look like this Forex software really diversifies the pairs that it trades. From all the results this system is looking unbelievable, I am going to have to do everything I can to get our FRN independent results up soon!

Pips Multiplier Conclusion

It is really too early for a conclusion right now. Hopefully we have more information to add to the Pips Multiplier review by the end of the week. I am sure we will as they provide more and I get in touch with the developers for an up and close look at it.

With more information just added, this is looking like one hell of a machine. I hope that it truly is as good as it looks.

If you want to add anything about Pips Multiplier please do so below and start a conversation!

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Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Ok, first 15days I. Win + 182pips

  2. hummm….
    18 August = +28 pips, +46 pips
    19 August = -182
    I´ll return with more results.

  3. On the web site they said they will provide free copy for trial for a simplest version , and $1 for 3 days trial for a version costing $97. I purchased those two 1 week ago but not receive anything so far. The website keep sending me many emails to offer their products. The website will offer you for many promising product for free just to get you to click on payment making. I did see any evaluation about this product on any website. Anyone can get a free copy from their EA and try it as they offer, please let me know X_X.

  4. Rod – yes i also noticed the pips chaos link… Really not good as I havent heard too much good from that one…

  5. I think it is another scam. When you click out of multiplier page and enter your email address it goes to pips chaos. The person promoting pips chaos as a professional trader is also promoting software for internet marketing software under a different name. (trying to disguise himself). Also a lot of the testamonials from these sites are the same people disguising themselves not very successfully. Beware

  6. It is now available, quite a lot of information now as well so I will add some more. Let me know what you think.

  7. Looks interesting. I hope you can get some results up soon!

  8. Lets get the ball rolling, what do you think about this new Forex software?

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