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pips guardian

Pips Guardian is a new Forex indicator the trades on the four hour timeframe. The developer claims that the software can make over $5000 in one day thus making it worth me checking out today.

I will be writing a review and providing comprehensive details about the software and what it might be able to offer you and the other Forex robot nation readers.


Pips Guardian Review

The developers of the pips Guardian software claim that there was a competition between more than 600 the best trading software programs for a quarter million dollars. Being as though it’s my job to stay up-to-date on the Forex market and all the products in it it is very strange that I never came across this so-called competition. Looking deeper at the sales page there is no information about this competition either which makes me to believe that it was made up for the sales video and gets this started off on the wrong foot.

The more I look at the sales page for the pips Guardian software I come across more elements of this page that bother me. The developer has done something that many Forex software developers have been doing in recent days and that is showing a my FX book screenshot without dates or any real information. The screenshots also aren’t accessible so that you can’t actually see if this account exists. The only reason for hiding an account like this would be is if it didn’t exist which is just another strike against the pips Guardian.

pips guardian myfxbook

As for the pips Guardian strategy, it is not discussed. This is another one of those Forex indicators that works on all pairs, and all markets and on all time frames. I’ve seen enough of these to know that they are rarely ever positive.

I’m going to have to skip on the pips Guardian today and not give it the Forex robot nation seal of approval. If you’re interested in the software you should probably look elsewhere. Thanks for coming in reading this review today please leave your comments and remarks below.

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