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Pips Explosion Predictor

pips explosion predictor
Pips explosion predictor
is a new Forex alert service that comes with strategies and video training. Derek Johnson the developer of this system believes the traders can put anywhere between $100-$1000 in their trading accounts every day in less than 15 minutes a day using his new system.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting the Forex robot nation community understand the benefits and drawbacks.

Pips Explosion Predictor Review

Sadly, as soon as I scroll down past the video on the pips explosion predictor website I see a my FX book screenshot that does not link to the account. This leads me to believe, as it always does that there is no actual my FX book account. There is no reason for a developer to provide us with a screenshot of a website that provides live widgets. Basically what I’m saying is I believe these results are falsified and being as though their right at the top of the website it is a huge issue.

pips explosion predictor myfxbook

As I spend more time on the pips explosion predictor website there is less and less information about the strategy and no real results for us to go by. Obviously this is a new system so there is little to no information available for us but that doesn’t mean we have to jump into be the first to try it.

Today I will not be recommending the pips explosion predictor to the Forex robot nation community. I believe that this is a developer that releases systems every few weeks and none of them work. The website resembles that of many others and they all have the fake my FX book screenshot. If you want to have success in Forex look around my site and spend some time here. Thanks for reading and please come back again soon. We are here to help!

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