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Pip Poacher

Hey Guys, just a quick one today, reviewing a new Forex product called the Pip Poacher.

This system is not the same as the “Extreme Pip Poacher” which was released in mid 2010 and was busted for being a copy of another robot. Although the web site for this new program doesn’t have me feeling any better about this new software at all.

This is another web site that is strictly a promotional video. You are then asked to enter your email and when you do you can buy the software. Wow this video is absolutely dreadful to sit through as well.

I could go on and continue to talk about Pip Poacher but there is really nothing to discuss.

[box style=”info”]I don’t recommend this software, I don’t really think it is worth while and unless somebody tells me other wise I am not going to waste my time on this one for another moment.[/box]

As always, leave your comments below, I look forward to hearing from you.

[box style=”yellow”]Update[/box]

Well immediately after I wrote the first half of my pip poacher review it seems as though they put up the rest of the site.

Looks as though there is some information on here so I will take a glance at it.

The pip poacher results are odd, they show an account with no closed trade P/L but with 228, 207.22 as a balance. I don’t know how you could get there without trading, and if there isn’t trading where is the proof. Next to that is the video showing a myfxbook account but there is no actual link to the account.

My opinion on this pippoacher remains the same for now. Check back again later.


pip poacher

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  1. I am also using ForexPipPoacher on my Live
    account, because I’ve learned from experience that DEMO accounts are NOT REAL
    results. Anyway, I believed their website (go figure) and am willing
    to give it a chance. The FXpippoacher has been ON since 3/04/13 and has
    not traded yet. I’ll let you know.

  2. disqus_WbJVcYdZZM

    Seems I’m the only one with this EA …..I’ve installed now and going to test on my demo account for a week or two.
    I’ll post results end of the week…

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