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Pip Hijacker

Pip hijacker is a new Forex robot by Will Brennan. He claims that this software has allowed them to completely dominate the Forex market over the past few years.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look at this new Forex software and letting you know whether or not will has truly been dominating or not.

pip hijacker

Pip Hijacker Review

Will tells us that most Forex software is built on market history but Pip Hijacker isn’t. He says focusing on history is like driving down the road but only looking at your rearview mirror. With this new software he tells us that the rearview mirror feeling is about to completely changed because of his new Forex system. While there is little to no content on the website there is a video in which will claims that the software provide 70% winning trades.

It’s odd that he claims that the Pip hijacker has been dominating the market for years yet he’s unable to produce any sort of history of trades. There are just no results on this webpage outside of him discussing how good the software is in a short video. There just is not enough to go on here to really trust that this software is truly strong enough.

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Today I am not recommending the Pip hijacker software. At just $67 it isn’t much of a gamble but for an automated system to provide us with no back tests, or any trading results at all is alarming to me. This is one red flag that I just can’t get passed. If you think I’m wrong or there’s something in this review that you want to comment on please leave your questions and remarks below. I hope that you can spend some time on Forex robot nation reading some of my other articles that are little more well thought out and constructed. There really isn’t enough here for me to talk about it, time so it isn’t my best work of please do spend some time here and look around the website because there are some very valuable posts.

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