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Pip Gunner

pip gunnerPIP gunner is a new Forex robot by the same people to products FX flash at Forex robot. This EA is being sold for $86.50 and has a handful of trading results for us to sort through today.

I will let you know in my review if this new Forex EA will be able to provide us with the growth we are used to from this developer.

Independent Test Results Added:

Pip Gunner Review

The reviews on the past systems by these developers have been moderately good so my impressions of PIP gunner to start have to be somewhat favorable. They have results on both and The first test is on MT4i and shows an actual trading account from mid-August until now. During this period the system has gained 75% with a monthly return of 24%.

These are certainly strong numbers and they paint an impressive picture to start. The results on myFXbook show a back test from January 2011 until July 31, 2013. I am a little surprised that the system isn’t back test it until now and that does make me worry some.

The system looks like a scalper as it trades anywhere between 4 to 6 times every day with many small PIP gains and small PIP losses. The average wind for this system is around 11 pips in the average losses eight pips in the average trade length is over four hours. The draw down is 35% which is pretty large for a scalping system but in this back test at least the Pipgunner has done a good job at handling that risk.

Pip Gunner results

As these are my first impressions on the PIP gunner system I have to say there are positives and there are negatives here. I have had decent success with this developer in the past which is a positive but there isn’t a large amount of trading information gathered here to really let me delve it deep into this strategy.

This is not a product I would recommend immediately but something I would suggest keeping an eye on as we move forward. I’m going to try and get a copy of PIP gunner so that I can add it to my best Forex robot tests. If you have something you would like to add to this review I would appreciate it and I do look forward to your opinions.

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