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Pip Commander Forex by Terry Garrett

Now I am going to uncover the details of Pip Commander a Forex robot by Terry Garrett.

Terry is new to the market so I will have to do some digging with this one.

The EA is being sold for $47 on the Clickbank payment processor.

The PipCommander can trade on all major currency pairs and trades all market conditions.

It uses money management, offers out of the box settings, and claims to have a drawdown of 2.83%.

So is the real deal? Let’s take a look at their motto:

Renegade Forex trader blows whistle on massive Forex scams and lies and reveals how you can finally make a full time income quickly and automatically by ignoring the guru hoax that keeps you broke.

Sounds like any other lame product story I ever read, when will Forex vendors ever learn. This is one strike against Pip Commander to start.

Is This Going to be Worth my Time or Not?

Right off the bat we are shown some results. Now I have to figure out if these are true or not.

So what I do is right click and view frame source and then I grab the real url to the results so I can go over them.

Terry claims that these are not demo accounts but I find that hard to believe.

It is also strange that the Pip Commander stopped making trades on the 25th of June. It is now the 10th of July. When you look at this and you consider that the longest open trade in the rest of the statement was just over a day it spells out foul play. You be the judge, here is a screen shot of the results showing the open trade as well as examples of the other trade times.

pip commander

So what do you think.

Is what I have found here about Pip Commander totally damning or am I being to harsh on behalf of Forex Robot Nation?

Please chime in with your thoughts about this system, leave a comment below.

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