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Pip Cloner

headerThis new software Pip Cloner by Greg Stefaniuk is set to be available on Monday March 11th.

The product is not to be mistaken for the Forex system “Pips Cloner” which was a major disappointment and real blunder. Stefaniuk’s new system will be sold for around $100 with a couple of back-end up sells which I personally despise.

This product is an automated Forex trade copier, while it is not a Forex robot per say it will automatically receive trades and then enter them on your behalf in MT4. Greg claims that the signals incorporate “breakthrough strategies of a world class trader and successful technologies wrapped into one.”

The concept of the PipCloner is one that we have come across before and one that has not been overly successful. Obviously I won’t judge Greg’s system until it is released but it is important to recognize the history behind this type of Forex system.

Initial Thoughts

At this point the system is sadly not available for us to test and the sales page is not completed. There are a few crumbs here and there but I have really had to hunt to find any information on Pip Cloner as it stands.

In the past Greg has had moderate success with his systems in the Forex market. He has taken some time off from his last release so hopefully he has learned how to provide a more stable trading option this time around.

If you have past experiences with Greg or you just want to weigh in on Pip Cloner please leave your thoughts and opinions below.

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  1. This is Greg’s Success Signals. I refuse to believe it got better after one year of hiding. Google it & see the history!

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