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Pip Accumulator – FRN PipsAccumulator Review

pip accumulatorSo is Pip Accumulator the next big bust or the next big Forex software, I will find out and let you know in this review. Have I written about Pip this and Pip that enough? Probably, it seems like Pip: insert Forex product name here comes out every week. Have any been good? Not really, but does that mean this won’t be? I guess we will have to wait and see.

Tagline:  Amy saw first hand how not only her boss, but half of the bank’s ‘VIP’ employees all used the very same Forex app that the bank was using for its customers.

Wow, this Pip Accumulator really has some story. Amy stole this software and is now selling it to us, sounds scary! I am watching this video and I don’t know if I buy it. I am yet to be convinced. I think the bank would have done more than threaten her with legal action if she stole their software, but whatever, a story is a story for a reason.

What I am interested in his how Pip accumulator will perform.

Pip Accumulator Results

There are currently no results yet to be posted for this Forex software. As it is not yet released there is no way for us to have our Forex Robot Nation results yet. We will as soon as Pip accumulator is released have some results, as we always do.

Pip Accumulator Conclusion

There is no way at this point for us to make a determination on Pip accumulator. Once the software is released and more information is gathered we will have a conclusion for you and let you know if this Forex software is worth your time.

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  1. so i this system a good or a bad purchase ??? im new to the forex market and looking to get started. im a student paying for school out my pocket. im looking for some help in finding the best system. thank you

  2. thanks – ok will do.

  3. Like Aslam said just go to the affiliate page of any of these products to find out how much you are going to be ripped off. Has all the products the up sells down sells side way sells and how much the affiliates make on each sale. Not bad if it is a monthly subscription.

  4. Thanks Johantan/Aslam/Andrew – I am only looking at the manual system and havent had an entry for a couple of days – but when the entry did show previous to that – it did look as if it would have taken a positive trade? It maybe a rip off but you know what – I havent seen enough to confirm that in my eyes yet…the manual system may have something – I’ll test for another week. EA – I have havent bought although if it were a case of just altering the TP then I;d be happy doing that if i got the entries? – I’m testing for one more week 🙂

  5. Hey Guys,
    I just go to the affiliates page to get the extent of the ripoff. I had even asked some of these guys to pass on the benefit of the commission paid by them, to guys like us who approached them directly. But as you already know, NO REPLY. EVEN KARL DITTMAN could not understand what I was talking about.??!!!**** netBUt from the looks of it is the same old gang peddling and repeddling their systems and suckering us in. Thank God for ClickBank and Plimus for getting us the refunds.

  6. Jonathan Weyermann

    I’ve been trying the manual system using the settings specified, but so far, not much luck. Maybe I have to be more careful which trades I enter, but I followed the signals afaik. Unfortunately, I’m on vacation so I can’t monitor the trades very well, so maybe I would have made money on my demo account if I followed the trades more closely. Had like 5 trades, and only one or 2 half-winners (you have to place 2 trades for each signal). I’ll have to try it more thoroughly when I get consistent internet access back. I’ll have to wait for people’s results of the automatic trader to see where I wanna go with this.

  7. Why do they insist in telling a long repatative story? I now regard this as a signature tune for a rip off.

  8. Thanks very much for that John, sounds like it’s almost a semi-automatic trader. I’m inclined just to get a refund as I previously asked for. I’ve never come across a vendor who’s willing to take a $170 dollar loss on an EA! There’s other EAs I want to test as you mentioned. Keep us updated on your progress.
    All the best,

  9. Hi Andrew – thanks for the update. No the person was using the EA only and wasnt too impressed – said the EA didnt know how to exit trades so it went into profit then into SL loss! – bear that in mind when you test the EA you may need to enter a manual TP or trailing stop on any open orders to secure trading profits. The support team are very reactive to queries – answering so far very fast… they mentioned that you could enter trades manually checking like once a day? – I am working on that theory now and will update…In meantime could you keep us updated pse on progress on the ea. 🙂 oh – I got these guys promoting the new auto fx millionaire product…If they prove any good you may want to view that one – they say they know the guy personally in the recommendation although that could be just marketing hype but to bear in mind if they are any good – they may have other good contacts 🙂 (forever hopeful) 🙂

  10. Hi John,
    I bought the system without realizing it was manual and asked for a refund after a couple of days. They offered me the EA instead for the initial payment and cancelled the subscription! Not sure if that smacks of desperation, but I’ll try the EA anyway. Did you mean the user had two losses on the manual strategy and a win with the EA?

  11. lol N.L.
    ok – whats on offer is a subscription service for about $29. This gives you access to a MANUAL system only…to purchase the EA you need to buy again for about $197. The manual system does look good although not too easy to digest on first few viewings… Manual system so far looks like it works… only gripe so far is fact is isnt clear when you place your order that you are only getting a manual system for the monthly subscription fee….this locks a person in and you are then left with forking out the nearly $200 for the Ea or stuck with a manual system. I think they should be more clear on that. I have read so far from a user that 2 losses on gbp but one win on eur on ea so watching the ea…the manual system if you get to understand it looks like it could be decent? this space

  12. Seems like the same-o same-o trade copier service AGAIN!!!! Well at least this one gets the Record for 1st Woman Actress!

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