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Our August Earnings Mid Month Report

August-Earnings-Mid-MonthWow, been extra busy lately but I haven’t forgot about you guys.

I have been hunting down some new Forex robots and think that I have found some good ones that I’ll be sharing soon.

But let me get to my August earnings, it has been a really good month so far, I just hope that it has been as fruitful for you.

August Earnings

Well there has been a few stand outs that have been making us money in recent months and I will start with our most discussed and requested robot, Forex Steam Version 5.

There has been a lot o hype, anticipation and finally pay off for the 5th installation of this EA.

With a few shaky weeks after the release of this new version it has found its stride and is consistently earning.

So for half a month the total for Forex Steam is at +$91,211.20. I am obviously extremely pleased.

Over this 15 day period there were 18 wins and 3 losses for a win ratio of 85.71%.

The best week was the 6th to the 10th, I will show you the results during that period. A strong performance.

steam results from 6th to 10th
Results from August 6th to 10th. Click to enlarge.

Learn more about Forex Steam

August Earnings #2

Next system bringing in a steady stream of pips is long time favorite FAPUltra.

While I find every single trader I talk to has their own settings, we usually stick with the defaults and that’s just fine with me.

So adding it up FAPUltra has earned +$513.00, with a pip total of +342 pips. So some very strong numbers.

Here is how the trades break down for the entire month:

fapultra august earnings
These are the earnings of FAPUltra for the entire month. Not many trades but a cautious winner.

Learn more about FAPUltra

That’s it for today’s mid month earnings report. I will have even more details when it comes to my Forex profits in the next edition if I get good feedback about this one.

Let me know what you think and good luck with your trading.

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Hi, I’ve not having a great time with FAPultra this month, may i know your settings so that i can optimizeit? thanks

  2. Jonny, mind to exchange email i have some questions with regards to the forex stream. I’ve not been able to get desirable result since starting in May, need some guide from senior and experience user like you.
    my email is hurray88 alias yahoo dot com

  3. another thing that i realise that forex steam publishes its result of I tried using steam light and also publish my result via my trade is immediately published on once the trade is close. however the live account which forex steam website show similar trade but its usually published 1 days late or at most 6 to 8 hours after trade is close. I even tried refreshing the site several time. any senior that have been using forex steam could give some testimonial and views?

  4. Thanks for your kind word, Jonny. I use FXPrimus as my broker and I don’t use a ECN account. I guess that I need to play around the settings a bit. Thanks for your info.

  5. I think the vendor is using the default settings for it 100% matches up with mine. If you are on ECN Pro account at FinFX, you would probably match all of their trades using default settings. Full SL of -90 pips were only hit 4 times in about 2 years of trading which is mind blowing. PIPS retrace hitting majority of it. I am on FXDD but my VPS is located in NY4 financial district giving me 2ms connection. It goes without saying you must be with a reputable broker who does not manipulate, delay, or jack around with their server feeds. FXDD has excellent server uptime for it was only down once in 2 years and only for 5 hours which most likely would not have affected Forex Steam since it averages 2 trades per day. And if your TP is 20 or higher, most likely you would have had more pips retrace or full SL hitting. Using a TP of 5-10 pips is optimal. So check your greed.

  6. Hi,

    Congratulation to your good results with Forex stream. Apparently that you have got different win/loss percentage with this EA compared to mine. I wonder what made the differences. Do you leave the settings of forexsteam as the default or you have your own settings? If you have different settings, would you mind to share? Thanks

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