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Options Vigilante Review

options vigilanteToday I have a review of Options Vigilante by Terry Green.

The software is being sold for $47 on the click better payment processor which seems to be getting all of these new binary options products.

Options Vigilante Review

This is one of the weirdest sales pages I’ve ever seen. There are pictures of the insane clown posse and some black transvestite along with other weird pictures. Right off the bat I have to say that I’m not impressed by the lack of professionalism being portrayed.

Terry claims that he used his software to generate over $2 million. He shows screenshots of this and other accounts throughout the website.

Options Vigilante Trade Statement
Here are some examples of the vigilante software at work.

Options Vigilante Results

We can’t actually see the Options Vigilante system in action nor are we given access to what it looks like or how it works. What we are given is an example trade or two. I will show you these trades here.

Options Vigilante Results
These are provided results from one day of trading.


Alright so I have found out what the software is despite not being able to find much information on the website. Here is the information and their prices.

  1. Main Product: Options Vigilante Software & Training: $47.00
  2. Upsell 1: Options Vigilante Market Collective: $67.00
  3. Upsell 2: Options Vigilante – OV Notify Pro: $47.00

There are couple upsell’s here which I don’t like, I would rather marketers don’t do this at all.

Options Vigilante Conclusion

At this point in time I will not be recommending Options Vigilante. As I mentioned earlier in the review I was not very happy with the lack of professionalism on this page and then as I continued on I was also disappointed by the upsells.

If you have anything you would like to add to my review or just comment about this product please let me know your thoughts on Options Vigilante.



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