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Back again today with another binary options review, today I’m looking at Options Hybrid by Oliver Torres.

All of her claims that he is a full-time binary trader and financial software developer that is doubling and tripling his accounts in just days. This of course is with his new $47 binary options trading software. Keep in mind however that there are multiple upsells, the Pro version and the manual trading strategy version.

So what is this software that Oliver is providing? Well it is a options signals service. Basically you download the Options Hybrid software and then Oliver sends you his trades.

Options Hybrid Video

The strategy behind trades or the signals is not described so I can’t exactly analyze this for you I am afraid. I generally prefer they tell us a little bit about how the trade binary options before I get involved, hopefully this is something I can find somewhere about this product.

Now let me take a second and look at some of the results that Oliver is providing us.

Options Hybrid Results

options hybrid results 1
A look at Oliver’s accounts and trading statement.


options hybrid results 2
More trading statements from Oliver.


So the results he’s providing are screenshots as usual and they show us bank accounts, trade rush binary accounts and a couple days of trading. So this software is new and there really isn’t a lot of actual trading data for us to look at.

Options Hybrid Conclusion

At this point in time I cannot recommend this software. While there is obviously a lot of people behind the Options Hybrid software there is just not enough tangible data or information for me to make an accurate assessment.

If there’s something you would like to say about the software or any other feel free to leave a comment below and I look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. disqus_58Q4FkdwJi

    Options hybrid from Oliver torres and Bionaryoptionspro. from a fellow named Lewis are the same. If you look at the disclaimer section at the bottom of the page you will see that all emails come from the same place. The software is the same the up sell webinar is the same and prices are the same. The soft ware that generates the signal has less then 45% win rate. The only people making money are the software and broker people. The upside is both use clickbank for the transactions and as such getting your money back (less trades) is quick and easy. I find my self getting real tired of all this scam bullshit . Finding a fx system that works seems very elusive. Maybe its time to go back to stocks. Sorry for the rant.

    • forexrobotnation

      It is certainly smart to stick with what you know. The key is to avoid these highly marketed systems with thousands of affiliates emailing daily. There are good ones out there, just hard to find.

  2. I have to concur with Bill Bohannon on his take on Options Hybrid. I actually said one stands a better chance if randomly executing your trades as then the odds are truly 50/50! With this service real life performance for me was a 30% win rate on the 37 or so trades I received. The Expert Advisor (EA)/Indicator for your MT4 terminal which they send you is a joke and really does absolutely nothing for me in terms of confirming the trade signal sent to you. So in a couple of days only my marginal trade account of $200 was drawn down to $0!!! The trade signals are sent out thick and furiously almost every 30 minutes but they’re really not credible. I’d rather have 5 signals per day with an 80% win rate. Am in process of asking for a full refund on the OptionsHybrid/Pro EA – it just did’t work for me!

  3. I bought it. This is THE most over-hyped “miracle” to hit the binary scene, so far. The basic package gives you an occasional (rare) buy/sell signal, and you get e-mail notifications (maybe, 15 a day). The signals are not very accurate (50/50). What I can’t understand is HOW so VERY many affiliates could be promoting this. Do ANY of them EVER even check out what they promote?!

    • forexrobotnation

      I hear you Bill. A lot of the affiliates in this market are chasing a fast buck. That’s why most of the people in this market don’t provide real reviews. Just the same 100 words of nonsense.

  4. if anyone bought it. give us your results please 😀

  5. What are the up-sells and their costs?
    Will it work with any binary broker?

    • Hey @disqus_FOz4h8JMMn:disqus wasn’t able to find the details of the up sell costs just yet. As for what they are, a manual trading strategy and a pro version of their software. This type of signal system should work with any binary broker.

      • I bought this system, it had 2 upsells that can be had for $27 and $37.
        It does send tons of signals to you, which didn’t seem credible after comparing them on live charts, so I never traded any of them.
        I was never able to install the indicators on my MT4. I did what the instructions said over and over and the indicators never showed up. I’m requested my “Iron Clad” refund today.
        They also have this “exclusive” live webinar that basically offers you a once in a lifetime chance to hand them over another $497, but only if you’re one of the lucky 10. Better hurry!

        • I also bought this system. They were sending on average 68 email signals every day. I found their win percentage (of those that were available) to be 58.16% on a good day!!
          They also demand that you sign up for a Trade Rush account from their link. I explained to them that I already have a Trade Rush account, opened 18 months ago!! They insisted that I open another account with Trade Rush, which I explained to them was against Trade Rush Terms & Conditions.

          Then I requested a refund. That is when the drama really started! The refused to refund me 3 times & became quite aggressive.
          Finally I escalated my complaint to ClickBank Staff & my refund was issued 4 hours later directly from Click Bank.
          Do not waste your time or your money with this rubbish!!!

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