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Nova Code Trader | Forex Review: Scam?

Nova Code Trader | Forex Review: Scam?

New software that is about to hit the market. So far there is not a lot of information about this but we will dig deep and find out about Nova Code Trader.

If the ladder is not leaning against the right wall, every step we take just gets us to the wrong place faster.

These are the words that lead the nove code trader video on the front of the page.  It is some sort of range bar training, it looks like we will have to watch more of this video to truly find out what its all about.

Looks like this is an unconventional approach looking at range bars and trying to understand nove trade trends.

We will look for more information on the nova code trader and add it to our review as more information comes available.  At this point in time there is no reason to believe that this product is going to be a scam.

If you have any information about the nova code trader that you would like to add to our review then please leave a comment below to discuss it with us.  Thanks for taking a look at our nova code trader review and book mark this page because we will be adding even more information, hopefully some results as we continue our investigation.

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  1. well i did see the presentation it seem very good but the guy in the end of the video are very pushy too sell they formula that sort of tactics are not very professional so didn’t buy it so i am glad sorry too heard many get ripped off why you guys try too put behind bar those scummier behind bar so call guru too many of them in forex the industry must be clean up hes a shame i deleted every mail coming from forex robot all scam no one work or for only a month the soon the market reverse they clean up your account i have one now on demo will ask my money back hes already $ 2000 in the red grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  2. Thanks ADMIN, Plimus have forwarded a refund. I contacted Plimus direct, as you suggested….thanking you so much for the direction and help. Yes, never, never, never surrender. Thanks for the great web-site. Will use it always as a reference for future purchases. Cheers…

  3. Plimus should never refuse a refund, we have always gotten refunds from this company. Make sure you are contacting Plimus directly and not through Nova Code to ensure you are talking to the right people.

    The battle is easily won 🙂

  4. Plimus are refusing any refund..I now have my bank chasing them re this Dud purchase.They are into an abusive name tagging e-mail battle….they are absolutly lying about it all…forex trading system …low-life mafia……Cheers….will keep you up-to-date with the battle….

  5. During the recorder ‘webinar’ they said that they don’t need your money and if you not going to trade this methods they re not interested in you. Looking at Chris’s experience with refund this was an obvious lie. They simply made the refund condition very hard to met. They can always say that you did not trade 100% to their rules and void your refund. I wonder how many people they’ve sucked?

  6. Hi, I was also sucked in with these guys..I read your experiences about these guys after I had bought in..I have not downloaded the system and have asked Plimus for a refund…the vendors are saying no-way,,I have to use the system on Demo or live account for 30days trading to their rules ..and have to forward them a record of the trading done in this time for them to check it and then consider a refund…. Plimus are just letting the customer vendor battle go on………….gutless outfit….Cheers.

  7. I am embarrised to say I made it through 1/4 of this ABSURDITY….. What a SCAM! I hope people don’t fall for this JUNK!

  8. Yes, this is scam. The constant range bars script is stolen from me. My original soft is
    They got somewhere an old version, 2 numbers back that the current one and included to their package. If somebody would be able to get contact info of these guys then I would be very glad to drag them to the jurisdiction for copyrights. Maybe guys who unfortunately both this junk for 2k can use their credit card company to track them? For sure, the youth hostel Italy address the place is fake.

  9. I am the stupid one. I bought the software, got a id and password, the software will not execute into my MT4 platform, the manuals for the 3 systems are not at all like the 3 systems demonstrated on the seminar. The order form says I will get IMMEDIATE access to the software and bonuses, but there are no bonuses and as I said the software does not install and manuals do not appear at all like the ones demonstated in the seminar. BEWARE

  10. An update on NovaCode Scam. I got into the second already filled seminar today at 4:00 pm EST on 3-23-2100. It started at 4:00. I started immediately recording the seminar. By 4:05 I had recorded the complete seminar. Pretty Good!!. Then I left the prerecorded live seminar and checked my recording. Yes it was all there. Interestingly I got in right at the start this time. The first time the seminar had been going on about 7-8 minutes when I got in. As to the special offer! Supposedly over $12,000.00 of software is being offered for only $2497.00 Well, not really, I found the web site now, you can get all the software and even more for just $1997.00 or if you prefer, just 3 payments or $797.00 By the way, I got into the special offer web site at 4:35 pm EST, at least 25 minutes before the site is announced in the live seminar (no, it is not live, it is prerecorded and represented as live) As I have said, several modules are software that was sold last summer. I snipped a web site promoting NovaCode and showing pictures of the actual charts in the software. What is new is the constant range software (supposedly an advanced version is being sold) and the accurate signal software seems to be new. However, the seminar is definitely not live and if your question you submit while watching the seminar is answered, it is because it was anticipated. Can you really trust these people. Apparently just 100 copies of the software will be sold at each seminar. About 10 seminars, at least 1000 copies. Actually I would not be surprised if they will sell more than 100 copies at each seminar if they can. I’m skeptical, you may want to be too!

  11. The NovaCode Webinar is a scam. It is prerecorded and during the webinar supposedly there is a special web site to go to that has a special price for new buyers. It is a scan, you can not find the web site, it does not exist. I tried immediately after it was announced and it did not work. I then left the live webinar and looked at the webinar on my Real Player. The Webinar is all prerecorded. The webinar was almost a repeat of the hype that was presented to get one to sign up for the webinar. Supposedly I was signed up for webinar on Thursday 3-24 at 1:00 PM EST. I got the ticket to prove it. I got invited to one at 1:00 on Wednesday 3-23-2011 and got in even though it was supposedly filled already. Supposed the webinar last for over two hours. I downloaded it in 3-4 minutes to my Real Player. Buyer Beware.!!!!!!!!!!!! It is a rehash of software they sold last summer with some new stuff thrown in. One of the programs is being promoted right now on the Sublime Forex Champions site. The 5 modules being promoted as Avant Garde Modules is just their software they promoted and sold in the summer of 2010. Several sites reviewing Novacode show the Avant Garde software and it is the same software they sold in 2010 as Forex Sublime Chamipions Green Dragon.

  12. A few bad things about this promo. The download hijacks the user protocol of the computer. Uninstall does not fix it. I ran a few scenarios using the concept of SMA and EMA type 1 and 2 on gold for example and it did not work. In fact the trade would get into big loss positions.

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