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Next Dimension Forex System

next-dimension-forex-systemToday I am back, feeling better and writing a new review on Next Dimension Forex System.

This software is a new Forex indicator being released by Element Forex, the people that brought us most recently the Elastic Trader. I am really not an indicator trader and there is very little information on this software. The only page I seem to end up on is the buy now page and the software costs $99.00 through RegNow.

I would like to provide more for the Forex Robot Nation users but this is going to be a short review with very little insight until more information comes to light.

At this point in time I really can’t speak on this software anymore. Due to the way the software is being promoted there is literally no information to go on. There is no sales page at this point in time and only a few sentences of information being provided by the affiliates of the Next Dimension Forex System.

The developer claims that “with this system, its amazingly profitable even on the M1, M5, M15 time frames. You can safely scalp anywhere from 2-10 or more pips on the M1 and M5.”

The people at Element Forex also say that the “Mid to Long Term trades you can make up to 200 pips per trade! With all the combination of these specially set indicators, you are bound to make high profits.”

So what does that leave us with? Well, sadly at this point not very much.

I hope to add to this review and hope that if you have anything you would like to say, leave a comment.

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