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New Fapturbo Ichimoku – Forex Robot Update

fapturbo ichimokuNew release: Fapturbo Ichimoku just hit the shelves and it is a new version of the software that comes free to current members of the Fapturbo program. The system boasts the following tagline.

Twice as profitable, twice as safe.

If you are currently a Fapturbo owner then you will get the Ichimoku system for free. If not you will have to purchase the regular Fapturbo system in order to get this new addition along with the original software.

The Fapturbo Ichimoku comes with new indicator settings and totally overhauled code. There is really very little information about this new upgrade provided. There are a few different backtests with different currencies that you can check out on the page and a video.

Most of the information on Fapturbo Ichimoku comes from the video but I have a hell of a time understanding what he is talking about. My suggestion is if you liked Fapturbo in the past then this is likely the system for you. If not, they are still using the same Forex developers and trading stations to come up with this new system. So if you never liked Fapturbo then don’t bother with Fapturbo Ichimoku.

This really is about all we have so far. I hope that if you have some information on Fapturbo Ichimoku that you would include it below by leaving a comment. I do hope this is a good system and I will try to get my hands on a copy to add it to the Forex Robot Nation live tests as well. If you need any help just let us know.

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  1. Please can anyone help me to explain how ichimoku works and does it place trades on its own because I have attached to my platform over 5days now and it does not place any trade. Please help

  2. Have been trying to activate Ichimoku on 2 accounts with no luck have been onto their support who seem unable to activate the account despite what should be a simple procedure. Works fine on the demo account but not the live one. I have activated one other account 1st time but the remaining two are u/s. My friend has the same problem. I would be interested to know if anyone has overcome this problem.

  3. Hi Aslam and everyone,
    Really excellent post, Aslam, I agree 100%. There has to be more openness from developers in their live statements, settings and broker usage. One particular EA I’ve run at various times using the same broker as the developers has never made any money, yet their live account has grown meteorically, so what has made the difference?
    Just moving onto Ichimoku – it continues to perform really well although the profits are fairly small – really needs to be traded on a bigger account with a bigger lot size. FAP Turbo 54 was released yesterday with new settings by their guy Tony who set up Ichimoku, so I’m itching to see what it can do. If it’s as reliable, then the two together could be quite profitable. Will keep you posted. I researched FX Trend Hunter and decided not to pursue it in the end.

  4. Hi Guys,
    I guess Andy is one of the blessed ones. But after removing Ichimoku from the UsdChf and UsdCad pair charts, it has been making small but consistent gains in demo and hope it keeps it up in live accounts. Got my fingers crossed (touch wood) Andrew.
    Anyway as members and subscribers of FRN, I think that we are entitled to know the settings that are used by FRN in the tests done for the results reported by them.
    As despite making allowances for live and demo trading, we just dont seem to get the results reported for Fx Steam Light, FxSteam, Lady Robot, FapUltra and some others. Further if the intent of admin is for us to get the maximum benefit of their research and testing, whether for a fee or what, they should also inform us of the brokers used by them for the various robots. So buck up, Kim and let us know as they do on some other forums. Its got to be two way traffic????!!!

  5. Hi folks,
    Quite a few guys have go Fapturbo to trade at differrent times and more often by changing the GMT Offset and trading times found to be better for trading and avoid the traffic with some degree of success. Does anyone know anything about these optimised settings or have them???

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