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New Fapturbo Ichimoku – Forex Robot Update

fapturbo ichimokuNew release: Fapturbo Ichimoku just hit the shelves and it is a new version of the software that comes free to current members of the Fapturbo program. The system boasts the following tagline.

Twice as profitable, twice as safe.

If you are currently a Fapturbo owner then you will get the Ichimoku system for free. If not you will have to purchase the regular Fapturbo system in order to get this new addition along with the original software.

The Fapturbo Ichimoku comes with new indicator settings and totally overhauled code. There is really very little information about this new upgrade provided. There are a few different backtests with different currencies that you can check out on the page and a video.

Most of the information on Fapturbo Ichimoku comes from the video but I have a hell of a time understanding what he is talking about. My suggestion is if you liked Fapturbo in the past then this is likely the system for you. If not, they are still using the same Forex developers and trading stations to come up with this new system. So if you never liked Fapturbo then don’t bother with Fapturbo Ichimoku.

This really is about all we have so far. I hope that if you have some information on Fapturbo Ichimoku that you would include it below by leaving a comment. I do hope this is a good system and I will try to get my hands on a copy to add it to the Forex Robot Nation live tests as well. If you need any help just let us know.

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  1. Please can anyone help me to explain how ichimoku works and does it place trades on its own because I have attached to my platform over 5days now and it does not place any trade. Please help

  2. Have been trying to activate Ichimoku on 2 accounts with no luck have been onto their support who seem unable to activate the account despite what should be a simple procedure. Works fine on the demo account but not the live one. I have activated one other account 1st time but the remaining two are u/s. My friend has the same problem. I would be interested to know if anyone has overcome this problem.

  3. Hi Aslam and everyone,
    Really excellent post, Aslam, I agree 100%. There has to be more openness from developers in their live statements, settings and broker usage. One particular EA I’ve run at various times using the same broker as the developers has never made any money, yet their live account has grown meteorically, so what has made the difference?
    Just moving onto Ichimoku – it continues to perform really well although the profits are fairly small – really needs to be traded on a bigger account with a bigger lot size. FAP Turbo 54 was released yesterday with new settings by their guy Tony who set up Ichimoku, so I’m itching to see what it can do. If it’s as reliable, then the two together could be quite profitable. Will keep you posted. I researched FX Trend Hunter and decided not to pursue it in the end.

  4. Hi Guys,
    I guess Andy is one of the blessed ones. But after removing Ichimoku from the UsdChf and UsdCad pair charts, it has been making small but consistent gains in demo and hope it keeps it up in live accounts. Got my fingers crossed (touch wood) Andrew.
    Anyway as members and subscribers of FRN, I think that we are entitled to know the settings that are used by FRN in the tests done for the results reported by them.
    As despite making allowances for live and demo trading, we just dont seem to get the results reported for Fx Steam Light, FxSteam, Lady Robot, FapUltra and some others. Further if the intent of admin is for us to get the maximum benefit of their research and testing, whether for a fee or what, they should also inform us of the brokers used by them for the various robots. So buck up, Kim and let us know as they do on some other forums. Its got to be two way traffic????!!!

  5. Hi folks,
    Quite a few guys have go Fapturbo to trade at differrent times and more often by changing the GMT Offset and trading times found to be better for trading and avoid the traffic with some degree of success. Does anyone know anything about these optimised settings or have them???

  6. Its the same EA on the two account. But EA begins trading in London Open on Alpari Demo and 5 hours after london Open on FInFx Demo.

  7. Hi guys,
    It’s very spread sensitive, as are all scalpers. I can only speak as I find and it’s been performing well for me (knock on wood) on an Alpari UK live account. You shouldn’t need to adjust the GM offset as it’s automatic and the StartWorkTime hour 23 and EndWork Time hour 0 are defaults so it’s only going to trade for one hour. Which brokers are you guys using?

  8. Hi guys
    After watching the FAP ICHI EA lose over $1k in a week in demo trading I talked with support and apparently this is only supposed to run during the Asian markets open and be closed while Europe and USA sessions are live. Find out the right offsets and adjust to this and see if that lowers the number of losing trades 🙂

  9. Jonathan Weyermann

    Doesn’t seem to work well for me, I disabled it. I ran regular fap turbo on a demo a while back, and this one seemed more stable so I gave it a go on a live account, but very small. So far I have 3 big losses and some minor wins. This doesn’t seem to line up with anyone elses observations, so I’m not sure what’s going on.

  10. Glad to know I am not alone with this as Aslam said if you take a trade out manually very often it goes straight back in with a reverse order. This can be both good and bad. My results are mixed it does not seem to trade as often as Fapturbo 52 and 53. So far it has made more wins on the conservative strategy and lost more than it has won on the aggressive setting.

  11. I have used all of the 3 Fapturbo robots in the last 1.5 months and the last couple of week all of them made me big losses on real account. Especially the fapturbo flash wich made at least 4 losing trades in a row which means around 150 pips loss per trade because it opens 2 trades at the same time. Sometimes it made some profit but the losses were much more bigger. And also the regular fapturbo and the Ichimoku made more losses than profits. for example when the fapturbo makes -121 pips loss just in one trade it is hard to recover with the 3-10 pips profits winner trades and it sholud make at least 20 times more winner tradesthen losses to get profit on my account. So I am not very happy with them at all.

  12. Hi there Andrew and all the others,
    Sorry, to hear you lost 3 in a row and hope it was only in demo, I was hoping to hear some exciting news from you and was very disappointed. Some of the old eas do work better
    My experience with V.2 is a mixed bag, with some massive wins of upto $1,000 to $ 2400 in EURUSD/GBPUSD and AUD USD using the settings mentioned. I hope things lookup after this, as my Fapultra has been less active for the last week or so.
    I always had a good feel about Ichimoku and thanks to Ral got to try it out. I am now all set to buy one and go live with that, as I think we need the server connection to do really well. Thanks Ral!!!! I further found that it makes small wins but loses bigger sums in USDCHF and USD CAD, so I took it off those two pairs and the wins have been more consistent thereafter using yours (not Rals) settings.
    I was further using it in conjunction with Fusion Forex and the two were constantly trading. The thing I did notice that if a trade was going in the wrong direction (buy/sell) I just manually closed the trade and the EAS jumped right back and traded in the other (right) direction. Has anyone else experienced this behavior? So some manual(divine) intervention is still required, no set and forget as yet!!!!! But I hope my inputs are of some use to someoneLooking Forward to hear from all you guys. All the best,

  13. Hi Aslam and everyone,
    Thanks very much for your support and encouragement, I guess we’re all working towards one goal and that is to make solid, consistent profits using EAs that can be relied on.
    Yes Ichimoku is proving reliable, I’ll just wait and see how it is after a few more weeks, though. I’m running it on a fairly small live account of $3000 with a fixed lot size of 0.2. With a bigger account I would trade at 0.7 or higher. Profits are around $12 per trade.
    As for FAP Ultra, not too much success – 3 losses in a row. I’ll go back to V2.0 with your settings and see how it does.
    All the best,

  14. Hi there folks,
    Andrew and Ral it think you are two of the most active, experienced and knowIedge guys on FRN and I am happy to tag along and learn from you guys. The results from Ichimoku are fantastic, could you let us no what was the profits made in those trades. How are you doing with Fapultra, let me know? Waiting anxiously to hear from you.
    Good luck to all.

  15. Third week of trading: 15 trades, 14 winners, 1 loser.
    Total so far of 35 trades, 30 winners, 5 losers.

  16. Hi Aslam,
    Yes, they are the downloaded ones for Ichimoku. Another good week, will update tomorrow. I’m also trying FX Speed Trader, which seems very like MDP in its style of trading, and FX Trend Hunter next week. Will keep you posted on those.

  17. Hi Andrew,
    Are these the dpwnloaded settings?? Which Fapturbo are you using? I found Megadroid Pro to be good too. But it trades less comparitively.Thanks and keep exchanging your thoughts.

  18. Hi Aslam,
    Sorry, I’ve given you the wrong TP and SL levels, should be as below:
    EURUSD – TP 3, SL 20
    EURGPB – same
    EURCHF – same
    USDCHF – TP3, SL 30
    Try those!

  19. Hi Aslam,
    Yes, the timeframe is the same – 15 minute. FAP Turbo say to just use the pairs they recommend, but it’s definitely worth trying other pairs/timeframes with their settings. I have got FAPUltra but haven’t used it for months, I’ll try it with your settings, thanks very much. Crescendo didn’t do anything for me and I refunded it.
    Have you looked at Forex Blue Box from Rita Lasker? I’ve tried some of her EAs before and had mixed results. You get a free EA with the manual system that makes the same trades and it’s been worked well in two weeks of trading.
    All the best,

  20. Thanks for the settingsand offer Andrew,
    Could you also let me know the time frame, as I am currently using it on the 15 minute charts that was used for FapTurbo.
    I have found that FapUltra V.2 if you have one also works well with the updated settings of FRN dated 18/2/2011 i.e TP=40, SL 80, Ma-Period= 21, Risk=0.5 and BackBars= 6-7 and for GbpUsd and Aud Usd currency pairs. Have you tried Ichimoku on some other time frame??? Like I said earlier it works on the majority of the pairs save a few.
    What about Fx Combo/Crescendo have you tried them? Crescendo has not given me a trade in over two months???

  21. Hi Aslam,
    Yes, I’ve been looking at Trend Hunter and may try it. I’ve also purchased Pips Accumulator today and will demo it for a couple of weeks, will keep you posted on that.

    Settings for Ichimoku (all pairs):
    AggressiveSettings – True
    TakeProfit 3
    StopLoss 35
    MaxSpread -1
    Slippage 3
    Will keep you updated on any changes.

  22. Hi Andrew and all at FRN,
    I am glad that you agree with me. I have a battery of robots ranging from Steam Light, Fapultra, MDP, Metapro Ultima, Quantum, Wall Street,Fusion Forex, Megadroid Pro, Ivybot and Turbo Pips Sniper, which believe me stiil works. I mix and match and have observed that in certian circumstances one ot two of them trade, while the others stay out and when their trades close, the others step in and take over the trading and believe me its a pattern. But you have to keep an eye on them as they sometimes tend to runaway with a trade in the wrong direction.(Fapultra, Fusion Forex, Ivybot and now Ichimoko.) and you have to manually close them. So its not set and forget like they would have us believe.
    Andrew, I think we have missed a good one in Fx Trend Hunter. Also could you please give me the settings you use for Ichimoko, as I have received it from Ral and am not connected to the server to get that benefit. Thanks.
    I shall keep a closer watch and keep you all updated.
    See Ya Guys.

  23. I think MDP 1.1.0 is better than 1.1.6. Less trades more profits

  24. Hi Aslam and everyone,
    Yes, I think a portfolio of EAs is a very good idea – just a question of finding the right ones! I’ve been running Wall Street Forex, EMALGO and Ichimoku recently. The first two have been very disappointing and been affected by the market conditions. I’ve also tried V1.1.6 of MDP on a ThinkForex live account – it consistently lost money. It seems to do well on demo accounts – I see that MDP’s own ‘live’ account is a demo.
    Ichimoku did well last week, 9 trades, all winners, making a total of 20 trades, 16 winners and 4 losers in two weeks.

  25. Hi Andrew and everyone else!
    I have tried Ichimoko with almost all the pairs including AUDUSD,NDZUSD and it works!! But it is not consistent. I think that could possibly be due to it being a demo and not connected to the server, which is the benefit of a licensed copy.
    Anyway, I think we can expect good results from it and Million Dollars 1.1.2, as I believe that if we have have a combination of differrent robots to meet the changing market conditions, we can have something which will be trading and making reasonable sum of money on one platform.
    I am currently working in that direction, is anyone else interested or thinking on those lines?

  26. Had a few winners on my demo account so far but the losses are more than the wins. Win about 200 then loose 300. Will fiddle with the settings to se if i can inprove my win loss ratio. I also noticed that it tends to sell when its supposed to buy and vice versa.

  27. Hi Aslam,
    First week’s trading on my live Alpari account using all pairs produced 11 trades, 7 winners and 4 losers. I used a fixed lot of 0.2 giving an overall profit of $61. It was a turbulent trading week so the results were reasonable. Drawdown was fairly low and I’m looking for better results this week.

  28. Hi Andrew,
    How are you doing with the settings from the server? Its claimed by Fapturbo that the drawdown has decreased and profits increased for their settings for Ichimoko>? So lets know how things are working with you. We are only experimenting. Hey admin why were my submissions not shown/ Were they repeats or what??? Let me know??

  29. Hi Ral,
    The version I’ve got is the bonus EA because I’m a member of FAP Turbo. The default settings are constantly monitored by the FAP Turbo team and any changes are made directly through their server to the individual EAs on people’s charts. Are your settings better to use? I see you’ve upped the TP levels.

  30. HI all,
    Download here
    This is educated Version, Make sure to turn DownloadBestSettings in the EA to false, otherwise it would keep opening trades without closing them. Settings i have tested are
    1)eur/usd – tp=15, sl=30
    2) gbp/usd – tp=15, sl=30
    3) usd/chf – tp=10, sl=20
    4) eur/gbp – 1p=10, sl=20
    If you like this Ea, Support the developers by buying it…

  31. Can anyone please re upload. Link not working anymore.


  32. trading using Gomarkets on aggressive settings. 2 losing trades today on EURGBP and USDCHF which has pretty much wiped out any profit made this week. hopefully will recover.

  33. Hi there , Ral,
    I misunderstood. Its working and constantly buys and sells a lot, but I will have to keep a close watch as it tends to run both with and against the trend. I think we will have to see which pairs it is more profitably on and attach it only to those charts.Reminds me of Fapultra at times, which is really wild. Are you using it on the 15 minute time frames or what? Do let me know and thanks once again. I am really enjoying myself. See Ya!!!!Regards.

  34. 1 more trades today 03/08/11 USDCHF wins.

  35. Aslam, You did not demo the robot. You put it on your live account instead thats why its asking for clickbank activation. You should be able to use it on a demo without any problems. works fine..

  36. 3 more trades on Thursday 28th 2011. 2 wins on EUR/USD and one breakeven trade on the EUR/CHF.
    It’s amazing to watch how Alpari (UK) widens the spread when the EUR/CHF price was reaching breakeven. The spread would tighten when it was moving away from breakeven. I watched this for about two hours. Eventually the trade closed at breakeven after about 5 hours. Alpari (UK) is one of the best Market Makers around, but a Market Maker nevertheless. I will update you on Fapturbo Ichimoku performance during the course of the coming week. Whishing everyone a good trading week.

  37. The Fapturbo Ichimoku is now supposed to trade according to where the price is ,either above or below the Ichimoku cloud . If below only sell trades are opened and if the current price is above the cloud then only buy trades are opened . I asked the support immediately if we are supposed to have the Ichimoku indicator on the charts but I am still waiting for the answer. I have had trades though with no losses so far.

  38. Hi there Ral and all the rest,
    The gesture of downloading is appreciated, but no fun as the software is not activated. Let me know if it can be in some way demoed at at least. Anyway, Andrew and Franklin have obtained good results, so I hope things ahave improved and you are smiling at your end. Send me the clickbank activation if possible, so I can have fun demoing it at

  39. Hi all. I’ve been running FapTurbo Ichimoku since Monday July 25th 2011 on a very small Alpari (UK) live account. So far it traded 21 times. All winners. It trades all recommended pairs except for GBP/CHF. (Because of spread). Will keep you posted.

  40. Hi all, received this as a free update. So far 7 trades in just under thee days – 6 winners, 1 loser on an FX Open demo account. Will try their preferred brokers IamFX and Fibo group. Pretty respectable start but will see what happens further down the line!
    David how is it performing for you?

  41. Thanks for the download Ral,I appreciate it. Keep in touch. See Ya!

  42. Looks bad in backtest. I have uploaded for you here ENjoy !

  43. Hi Kim and all at FRN,
    Some time back I remember reading that a guy by the name of Loz Lawns claimed to have achieved great results using Ichimoko Indicator in conjunction with Fapturbo Ea and this is the obvious developement (improvement) made by Fapturbo.
    So David whats the results so far, good, bad or ?????.Keep us posted.


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