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Natura EA

natura eaNatura EA is a new Forex robot that claims to be the worlds first self adjusted trading robot that will beat any market condition and will generate stable profits. The software is being sold for $99 and with this license you can use the robot on one real account and two demo accounts simultaneously.

Today I’ll take a look at this new robot, review it and diagnose exactly how it trades.

Natura EA Review

The Natura EA trades two pairs (eurusd and gbpusd) on the 30 minute time frame. The main elements that the developers continue to talk about throughout the sales page is that this system can always recognize the market condition and adjust the behavior. There are many systems in the past but it said they can do this and may have been correct but only to a point. Hopefully this system has figured out how to truly do this but it is certainly not an easy task.

The developers of the Natura EA are using MT4i to house their results and statements. The software has been running for just 32 days so far and during this time there’s been a weekly return of around 3% with a monthly return of 14%. During this time the system has taken hundred and 16 winning trades and 37 losing trades so it obviously takes a lot of trades. In just one month the system is taken 153 trades which is much more than the average expert advisor. When a system can take this many trades it worries me that the strategy isn’t specific enough but obviously through a one month this natura EA strategy is providing some consistent profits.

Here are the results being provided by the developers of the software.

I will not be recommending that you by the Natura EA today but I do believe that this is a system to watch. By that I mean of course we should continue to see if the natura EA is making process over the coming months. If it is and there are some independent test results being made available then I certainly believe I will give this my recommendation. If you have anything you would like to contribute please leave your comments below and feel free to look at the rest of the Forex robot nation website.

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