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My Easy Forex Robot Optimization Strategy

If you want to get more out of your Forex robots, optimizing a great way to do so. I frequently optimize my robots to make sure they are working well in current market conditions.

You can do this with robots you already own, free robots, or the best Forex robots in the market.

If you optimize properly, using my strategy, you can turn a learning robot into something viable, as long as the underlying trade approach is effective.

Watch my video to see my exact optimization approach:


Forex Robot Optimization (Transcript)

Hey guys, there’s a reason you’re losing with Forex robots and it may not be what you think. 

Today, I’ll tell you what that reason is and then help you become more profitable with robots you’ve already purchased. You can do this with free Forex robots here on Forex robot nation, or even with the best Forex robot on the market right now Forex Fury

So the reason you’re losing with good Forex robots is because they aren’t optimized properly. Today, I’ll give you my personal optimization technique and strategy to let you unlock the profit potential of any Forex robot. Let’s get going. 

What is Optimization?

Before I pull up the green screen and show you the optimization strategy. I first have to explain to you what optimization is. At its base level we’re just going back into the history of the Forex markets and testing thousands of different inputs to see how they would have performed in the past. 

Obviously, old data isn’t always going to help us, but if you optimize a Forex robot, you can see patterns of which settings are best to lead the best. And it certainly helps with the overall process. So let me pull up the green screen now and get right into the optimization process, so I’m not wasting anybody’s time. 

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Which Platform to use, MT4 or MT5?

In order to optimize a Forex robot properly, all you need is MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, which is what I’m using in this case. And then you need a Forex robot. I prefer MetaTrader 5 because it optimizes better. It’s faster. It does the job, and it gives more options. As you can see here, in order to open the optimization, you need to go to the strategy tester window. Here is the strategy tester window. It’s very easy to work with. And then all you have to do is click optimization. There are two kinds of optimization available. You have your complete optimization and then you have your genetic optimization. I prefer the genetic optimization because the complete optimization takes way too long. And it doesn’t really give you this huge benefit that you want to get. 

So once you get to this screen, you need to get the best Forex robot available like Forex Fury, or you can use a free Forex robot or any sort of Forex robot that you’ve used in the past that you want to optimize. So get that ready. 

So now that you have your robot and you’re in the optimization screen with me here, you have to select the robot that you want to optimize. You can do this by clicking on this tab and then selecting what you want to use. For my example, today, I’m going to be optimizing Forex Fury version 4, the best Forex robot available. Now I’m also going to select a symbol. So I’m selecting the US dollar Japanese Yen. Then you have to select the timeframe. Forex Fury only works on M15. So I select M15. Then I have to select the custom time period. Now the custom time period is very interesting. For something like M15, a smaller timeframe you can actually get away with shorter back tests. And really, it just depends on what you want to test. Do you need five years of data? Do you need 10 years of data? Just for this test, I’m going to do something really short, like a month or so. That way you can see how fast it works and how exactly we can get down to business. 

So I’m just going to click today right here, and then I’m going to click today and then I’ll go back to, let’s say the beginning of April, that way we have the custom period set. I always test with the ideal execution, zero latency. You could increase that if you want if you feel that’s important to your trading. Modeling, I always select every tick. I set a deposit of $10,000, 100 leverage. Sometimes I’ll do more than this. A lot of the time with Fury all trade 1:200. 

Then what you want to do is check the fast genetic based algorithm.

Setting your Optimization Inputs

Okay, So the first part of the optimization is complete. We’re done with this first page, and now we can go to the input section where we are going to change the settings to test. 

Now, this is easy. I just plugged in my username. And for this test with Forex Fury, I’m just going to be doing a stop loss, take profit and a couple other features. So what I’m doing is setting the stop loss to 20 and testing all the way to 50 with a step of three and for the take profit, I’m starting at five. And then I’m stepping that to 10, which means it’s going to test all of these in conjunction. It will test a stop loss of 23 with a take profit of 5. I stopped loss of 23 with a take profit of 6, and it’ll keep doing this and so on and so on.

And then it’ll test a stop loss of 23, a take profit of 5, one set of trades per day to true, and then it’ll test it with false. And it does this for thousands of different features. So all you have to do is plug in what you want to see here. I’m going with the default time setting, I’m going to click start and then you’ll see the test actually begin working and starting to work through the optimization process. 

This isn’t quick, but because I’m doing just a month, it’s about 15 to 20 minutes. It may actually be an hour or so. I’ll have to take a look at the time and then I’ll show you the results.

Robot Optimization Results

Now the optimization is complete. We did the test. It took only a couple of minutes because we are just testing about a month and a few settings. And now we have the result. You can see here at the top. This is a graph charting all of the one and loss tests. All of the good tests are green and there’s a lot of them and all of the bad tests are red and there’s not many of them, which means the foundation of the Forex Fury strategy is good. 

Now we can take a look at the results. You can see I did a very low risk test here. A lot of the time I’m using the range trading strategy, and I’m also only trading one trade at a time using max orders at one to avoid commission. I could easily have put that at 7 and then had 70 trades or had 14 trades, but I’m fine just having 1 or 2 trades or just 10 trades, depending on the result. 

And in this case, we actually gained over $1,200 in just a month’s time, which is a 12% gain. And we did this over just a couple of trades, a drawdown of 28%, and that is the biggest result. But we can also look at a less risky results. You can say, all right, the draw down at 9%, a draw down at 5%, and then you could start to look at what is the best take profit. It seems like based on this information, the best take profit was either 8 or 7 during this period. So that’s data that we can take to our live accounts, even if it’s just over a short period of time. 

Sometimes I will back test or optimize the strategy for the past two months, if I think the next two months are going to be very similar. And then I will just use that two months of data from the last two months for the next two months, and then collect my profit.


Today I showed you how to optimize a Forex robot properly. This is something I do on a daily basis to increase the profitability of every single Forex robot that I use. Sometimes I test for a year. Sometimes I test for five and other times I just do a test for one or two months, depending on what I’m trying to learn and what direction I feel like the market is going in any given period of time.

You can always be more successful in the Forex market by being active, by doing things like optimizing or learning or finding new ways to be profitable. So I hope that this video helped you out, that you like the video, subscribe to the channel.

Feel free to join my Forex robot nation VIP channel. I just added a new analyst. He’s looking good. And we just won two trades in a row today for a 7% gain. So thanks for stopping by. If you need any help, if you need anything, you can always reach out to me. Have a great one, take care.

About Patrick Ryan

Patrick is a Forex enthusiast, with over 10 years of experience in finance, and market analysis. He's eager to help traders achieve their goals, whether they are short or long-term. Patrick's penned thousands of reviews, and is always available to discuss trading with anyone who's interested.


  1. Hello… I need to translate your pages to my language, but i can’t do it because right click is disabled.
    Please, put a language translation system on your website.
    Thank you..

  2. Hi Patrick, hope you’re well. I was hoping you’d be able to help with a question. Could you give some insight, on how often you’d test a robot on the 5m timeframe to ensure it’s performance is optimal? Let’s take the Steam EA for example.

    How often would you attempt to optimise it? E.g. Weekly/bi-weekly/monthly

    How far back would you go for the data to back test it? Whilst we’re here, if I could get an answer for Fury also that’d be most welcome.

    • Both of these use lower timeframes, M5, M15, so I don’t feel they need as long term an optimization. One of the things I’m trying lately, is combining a bit of manual analysis with the new shorts / longs feature on Forex Fury. I figure, if I can go into the daily chart and see it’s a clear up trend, then I can set the software to longs only. Then you would check every once and a while to make sure there isn’t a trend change, but this is definitely something I recommend looking into.

      In terms of how often, it’s really up to each client. I have never found a sweet spot. I generally optimize every time a new update comes out, but you can obviously optimize more if you think certain current trends will be long lasting.

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