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MT4 Power Punch EA

MT4-Power-Punch-EAMT4 power punch EA is a new Forex robot by the Forex by invitation group. This group of traders claims they been trading a particular price action phenomenon for a number of years. They believe that this strategy has become more reliable over the past few years and the people that understand this are printing money because of its reliability.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting the Forex robot nation readers understand whether or not this is a useful tool to add to our collection.

MT4 Power Punch EA Review

Developers of the MT4 power punch EA believe that the simplicity of price action makes their EA extremely robust because it has the weight of the world’s biggest financial markets pushing it. This group of traders feels that while the US market is sleeping the European market pushes the Forex prices to where they want to see them. When the US market comes back to life they will give the prices a power punch to get them back to where they should be. The Forex by invitation group has taken this concept and created an EA to take advantage of this punch for the EURUSD, EURJPY, GBPUSD, GBPJPY, AUDUSD, AUDJPY and the USDCAD.

The results for the MT4 power punch EA are hardly impressive. While the Forex by invitation team has a clear strategy the automated system is clearly not been tested whatsoever. There are no third-party verified results on any statements sharing services. They claim to have 75% success rate with 15 trades in the last 3 months and over 1000 pips. None of this is proven because the only results provided is a very short and inconclusive Forex back test. They don’t provide any dates for this back test so they could essentially be showing us one week of trading from 16 years ago and we wouldn’t even know.

Is much as I appreciate the discussion the strategy behind the MT4 power punch EA the Forex by invitation team are missing the most important element. Without any trading results it is impossible for me to give a recommendation for the software to the Forex robot nation community. As much as I would like to be optimistic and cheery on the Sunday morning I have to do my due diligence and provide the readers here the right approach. I am open for conversation so if the developers of the software want to come to this review they are more than welcome to contribute but I’ll expect some sort of my FX book account in the near future. If you something you would like to add you are also welcome to join this conversation by leaving a comment below the article now.

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  1. These are the same guys who put out the Weekend Gap EA and this EA performs much like that one….unpredictable. Unless you discover the holy grail setting that will make this work, your BESt results will be break even. They say as much in the EA’s forum and then suggest signing up to a PAMM service that a “trusted client” has set up (but WON’T share his settings). No details as to how to best utilize this EA or get the best results other than to say it depends on the type of trader you are, etc. In essence, they don’t know. Waste of time and money

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