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Mongoose Forex System Review

mongoose-forex-systemMongoose Forex system is a new profitable trading indicator that can be used daily to provide profits with pleasure. Developers of the software believe that their system is so easy to incorporate into daily trading that once you purchase it you will drop everything else.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know if this trading strategy is a worthwhile investment opportunity.

Mongoose Forex System Review

So let me start by saying that the image at the top of the front page of the mongoose Forex system is disturbing and hilarious at the exact same time. There is an image of a computer monitor with meta-trader 4 open and one of the creepiest pictures of ever seen of a mongoose floating on top. It’s not exactly the most professional logo I’ve ever seen and does not instill me with a lot of confidence but it’s just a logo so I won’t condemn them for it. The developers of the system claim they discovered this system 5 years ago and with the first 7 trades they made over $31,000. They say that they do not guarantee this type of result per week but they believe that it has this type of potential.

The people behind the mongoose Forex system are very secure in their sales page. They say things like you “may definitely make it big just like we did.” To very contradictory statement of course and I hope they would believe in their system more. As for results, there is not very much to see it all. We are looking at a handful of screenshots that show us trades and then how email alerts and pop up signals look in meta-trader 4. This really nothing new or innovative here and I’ll have to keep that in mind during my conclusion.

Today I won’t be recommending the Mongoose Forex system because I haven’t tested it yet. This software may turn out to be very impressive but with a lack of results and no real community response I’m not in a position to fork over $87. If you’ve tested this software or just want to let me know what you think about it please leave a comment or a question below. I appreciate the time you spend on Forex robot nation and hope that this review helps you achieve your goals in the Forex market. Please take a look around Forex robot nation and see what else we have to offer here.

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