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Miracle Scalper

miracle scalperMiracle Scalper is a new Forex indicator that is designed to generate results quickly exploiting the new Forex loophole. The developer has put multiple indicators together to work in sync is one trading tool that is built to be robust.

Today I will be reviewing this system and shedding a little light on what it may have to offer us here at Forex robot nation.

Miracle Scalper Review

There are not many results for the miracle scalper outside of a few screenshots that show sample trades and how the system could act on a very short-term basis. These type of results are not really acceptable but for an indicator it is difficult to really provide anything more than this. With that said, it always is a little more difficult to invest in an indicator unless there is some community support or a handful of real people that are giving it good reviews. I have not been able to find this at this point in time so maybe the Forex robot nation readers can provide their knowledge of the system.

The miracle scalper works in a very simple manner providing two different colored arrows on your charts, the blue arrow signaling a sell trade and a yellow arrow signaling a buy trade. The system works on the M1 and M5 timeframe and provides both email alerts and pop up sound alert functionality. The indicator is built to be used with the meta-trader four trading platform.

miracle scalper result screenshot

The strategy itself of the miracle scalper system is it revealed or Connie to any detail. The developers of the system simply tell you to receive the signal in place the trade in any market condition. There is no distinction between ranging or trending markets in this case. The developers of the software believe that they will be able to generate a minimum hundred pips of profit on a daily basis. I think that these claims are a little high considering there isn’t much of a buzz about this product and there is very little information about it strategy.

Before recommending the miracle scalper is going to need more information. At this point I cannot recommend it because the results are very transparent, the strategy isn’t discussed, and there is really no community reaction. If you something you would like to say about this review or the product please leave your comments below the article. Thanks for coming by and reading this today.

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