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Minesweeper EA

minesweeper-eaMinesweeper EA is a new automated Forex robot generating some interest throughout the community. According to the developers of this software the robot “accurately calculates the best situation to open trades.”

Today I will be providing a review and analyzing the long-term viability of this new expert advisor. Underneath the article there will be a section for Forex robot nation readers to comment and discuss.

Minesweeper EA Review

The Minesweeper EA is built on three core values. Experience, ease of use and accuracy. They have 5 years of automated trading experience and have done everything in their power to build a software that fits both new and professional traders. In doing so, they’ve created multiple methods that can be used depending on the size of the deposit. The first method is for deposits between $10-$50,000, with this method their goal is to earn 50-150% in a single year while keeping a minimal drawdown. The second method is for $5000 deposits and while the English on this website is quite difficult to comprehend I believe they are telling us that this is the minimum amount the EA can trade. Considering all their my FX book accounts are 5000 and above, that does look to be the case.

I will say that the developers of the Minesweeper EA come across as responsible traders. They do advise traders “that nothing will be able to 100% protect against potential losses.” They only recommend that you trade funds you can afford to lose which is always a good message.


As of right now they have four my FX book accounts, each of which has been running for approximately a months time. The growth for these accounts are quite impressive during this short period of time but we do have to understand that this is a very small sample size. From what I can see in taking a closer look at the my FX book, the system is a scalper. The average win is 12 pips and the average loss is 25 pips. This is a risk reward ratio of 2 to 1 which is commonly found in Forex scalping robots. I have had a history of success using scalping systems, and robots to take advantage of advanced scalping tactics like Forex Steam.

At this point in time I am going to take a step back and hold my recommendation for the Minesweeper EA. There are certainly quite a few positives that make me want to continue analyzing the software further. The intentions of the developers seems genuine and responsible. Yet, with only one month of testing this robot is very fresh and a lot can still go wrong. This is why I won’t be recommending the system today but I will be watching it closely over the next few months to see if it has long-term potential.

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