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Metagrid Trademanager for MT4 Review

Metagrid Trademanager is a Forex indicator built to lower your risk when trades immediately go in the wrong direction, while increasing profits when they go in the right direction. It accomplishes this by providing built-in money management alongside other features and “flexible settings” that “allow tailoring to match your trading style.”

The software is owned by IT + Median and Roland Beck. Located at Zwickauer Str. 43, 90522, Oberasbach, Germany. This seems to be the only product developed by the Forex Pipmanager group, but it wouldn’t be surprised to see them piggyback off this product and provide more in the near future.

To get in touch with support traders can email or phone +49 911 6920502.


Metagrid Trademanager Review

Despite the Metagrid Trademanager website coming across as a bit dated, and disjointed, the first impression is positive. The reason for this positivity is because the vendor is quite clear with what they are trying to achieve with this indicator. They want to provide an indicator with multiple features that can be utilized by manual traders or connected to your automated trading robots to better their performance.

In version 1.75 they are up to 14 different features, and there is a 42 minute video at the top of the website explaining each of them in detail. If you are interested in this service, we highly recommend that you watch this video before you sign up. This type of video is exactly what we are looking for from developers, and it’s what we expect from the best Forex indicators in this market.


The power of the Metagrid Trademanager comes via the sheer amount of features available, but traders can cherry pick which features they want to utilize in their own trading strategies. Here’s a list of the current features available in 1.75:

  • Hidden Stoploss, target and pending orders
  • Auto trailer
  • Grid in two directions
  • Grid size
  • 2 pending orders
  • SL & TP by % risk
  • SL & TP by pips
  • Random button
  • Multiplier or fixed lots
  • Market, stop and limit orders
  • Change settings while trade is active
  • Auto lot size calculation

The vendor updates the Metagrid Trademanager indicator often, so you can expect more features as part of the free updates you receive when you sign up with the software. We are going to go into each feature in detail as most of them are pretty self-explanatory, and because there is a full video website that will explain it much better than we will here. A video like this one would be very helpful for other indicator vendors we’ve recently reviewed like the Omega Trend Indicator, and Forex Gump.

Depending on the type of trading you are doing, it would be best to start by testing the grid and auto trailing functions. We believe that these will have the most immediate impact on your trading accounts, and they seem to be the features the vendor discusses in most detail in the video.

Client Feedback

At this time there is very little client feedback on the software, but you are welcome to leave your experiences below this review in the comments section.

Trade Examples

The vendor provides a handful samples showing the on chart panel and the trading process. This is a nice addition, as you can see the entire process of the trade and analyze what it takes to setup the software on your charts before signing up.


Is not the most elaborate indicator we’ve ever come across, but we appreciate the Metagrid Trademanager approach and simplicity. If you are looking for a new way to make quick adjustments to your current trading approach, then you should consider utilizing this indicator. It is easy to install, and offers quite a few features that can help you lower your risk and increase your profits. We do recommend that you have a fair amount of skill trading if you want to use the system of this nature.

If you have anything you’d like to add to the review, please do so now.

Metagrid Trademanager €79
  • Price
  • Updates
  • Ease of Use
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


Metagrid Trademanager is a straightforward Forex indicator with many features.

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14 features
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