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Video 2: Maximizing Forex Robot Potential, How to Optimize and Find the Best Settings for Any System
Video 3: Stop Trading on your Personal Computer
Video 4: How to Find the Best Forex Robot

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  1. Hi Patrick, im needing so helo to trade Robots cant i open a cent account with robots u us hotforex broker and live in Zimbabwe whats the best vps for me? Thanks for your hard work doing researching on all things to do with forex

  2. i am not sure that my STEAM is working properly. How can I send you a photo?

  3. Please am not good in operating laptop or computer,can someone help me,or can I use Android phone?


  5. I have so much enjoyed your reviews of bot, signals as we see in the market, helping traders in decision making. I don’t know if you have come across Odin bot of the FRT. It will good if this bot can be reviewed.

  6. Hello Sir,
    Greetings. I downloaded the free strattle bot and installed it in my MT4. And I followed the video for the setting and cannot properly set it for effective usage. Twice I worked up to getting Optimization Result and nothing will show as results. At the stage of History Centre to choose forex pair, a warning message popped up. Also at the stage of setting the Tradehour, Straddle space and Take Profit, I did not understand how the parameters can be set well. I request to be personally guide to do the set. A written process will also help. It is good to know this to help one when installing and setting up the licenced Bot I wish to buy.
    Thank you,

  7. Hi Admin i am new here and need to download the free version for live trading. please show me where to do this and the best setting to achieve optimal result

    • Hi Samuel, I don’t recommend the free systems for live trading. They are more for demo trading, learning how it all works and testing. You will want to use paid systems for live trading.

  8. Some days ago, I downloaded the free Forex Fireball Trading Robot. It didn’t pick any trade throughout last week. However, it picked 3 trades today (GBP/USD). The first 2 were positive, while the 3rd was negative.

    Most important is what I observed about the TP. I have never seen a TP moved to the opposite direction like a trailing stop. But I witnessed it in the 3rd trade today. Before the trade hit the SL, TP moved across the entry point to -28pips.

    Please I don’t understand why this should happened.

    Thank you

  9. Is it safe to run multiple ea robots on 1 platform. For example the 2 that you rank the highest?

    Thankxx in advance.
    P. Jonkers

  10. Hello FRN

    The license of Steam is 4. If I will use 1 for live account and 3 for demo account, can i reuse the 3 license again into live acount?

    Because maybe later on I can found good pairs which needs to use all 4 license into live account.

    Thank you FRN

  11. please admin my my forexfury robot as not been picking trade on fxpro, please help

  12. hey, I just recently join the email list, what should I do next? or is there any freebies?

  13. I have been watching my live account (Oanda is the broker and I started with $1,000) very closely and have been wondering if anybody else is experiencing the same thing. I do not yet have a demo account. I attached Forex Steam 9, the light version on my live account around April 4th, 2019 and had no trades for about 3 days then this was followed by 12 winning trades, and no losing trades. Steam last traded on May 2nd 2109. Today is May 9th. Is this long period without a trade normal and has anybody else experienced the same thing around these dates, May 2nd to May 9th?

    • It’s good that you have had such a great winning streak with Forex Steam. There have been some trades during this time, so you should check your setup, and make sure your MT4 account is active.

  14. how does steam work if you want to close manually

  15. How do you restrict the times that steam trades? Like the 00:00 to 06:00?

  16. Hi There,
    How do i join your members area or mailing list



  17. Hi Mr. P.

    First off all thanks for sharing all this useful info. I want to ask u regarding the coupon for the VPS, I assume u will get your affiliate commission on it right?

    Can u please state the coupon code as I am at the point I’m going to buy the VPS for WInsdows.

    Thanks again,


  18. Hi may ask what setup did you used your trading in forex steam and VPS did recommend is it good for my broker “capital index uk ltd”, my eurusd spread 2.3

    I hope you can give me your best setup in forex steam


  19. i just go the software can someone tell me how it work

  20. Hi … i just download the FREE fireball EA onto my mt4 platform.Avatrade is my broker but i will first test it on my demo i would like to do the settings but the video is to bad and cant see anything.
    sorry but is there maby anther video or a youtube link which can help setup the the settings for FIREBALL.

  21. I have just bought both steam and FF.

    What are the best currency pairs and time frame for both EAs.


  22. Does anyone have any experience using FX Fury on a spread betting account in the UK?

  23. Question on Fury? Can we suggest to the programmers of this software to place a second STT start trading time option which can be turned off or on. I’m looking to test this against the London open for the first hour and would like to run it on the same Robot??

    • Hi Peter, I recommend emailing support with your request. It’s an interesting concept. I have a workaround you could try. Open another chart, drop Fury on it with the different time setting you want.

  24. Fury is trading furiously on 11 FX pairs in its first 2 days it has put on 28% profit, I run it on standard settings out of the box and allow the Bot to money manages these positions with no input from myself. Very impressed that it leaves no trades open and you have a clean slate each and every day and anyone who has experience in these things knows how powerful the last point is. It’s golden……

    Steam is locking in good profit of around 26% on 18 pairs but open trades are holding 3k in losses but system is trying to close them off once in profit. My theory is once the open trades bucket is full it may always hold around that many losses and once profit surpasses the 3k the open trades are holding then its blue sky from there for Steam????????
    I will keep posting this maverick approach for those interested……. PLEASE DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME 🙂

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