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Mega Premium Forex Signals

Mega premium Forex signals is a service that came out over a year ago but never really got much attention. The developers of the service claim that the signals provided 11,500 pips last year and 9500 pips in 2013.

Today I will provide a review on this signal service and let you know whether or not we should have been aware of this service when we weren’t.

mega premium forex signals

Mega Premium Forex Signals Review

This service claims to use Forex experts that check every signal manually. The experts that look at the signals have 15 years of experience. The website itself does not consist of much information at all. There is no description of how the service works or any month by month results either. There seems to just be a handful of testimonials and a you tube video which only has 100 views despite being released over a year ago.

I really can’t give a full review of this mega premium Forex signals because I haven’t tried it but from what I see it doesn’t seem to be a very professional service. The cost of the system is $10 for a 14 day trial and then $100 a month after that. Now that seems way too large for a service that has a very little background or success. I didn’t recommend the system before but there is no way that I could recommend it now knowing that.

If you have anything you would like to add to my review please leave your comments low the article, appreciate it.

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