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Maven Trading Prop Firm Review ($1 Million Funding!)

Are you ready to turn your trading aspirations into reality? Imagine a world where your trading skills are not only recognized but also funded to reach their full potential. 

Maven Trading, led by Hunter Fx, is a proprietary trading firm that provides funding opportunities ranging from $500,000, which can later be increased to $1 million. Notably, they offer flexible time frames and reasonable profit goals, making them a noteworthy contender in the current landscape of proprietary trading firms.

In this comprehensive review, I am going to explore what makes Maven Prop Trading Firm. I’ll show you how they can help you turn your trading skills into a funded account that sets you up for success. Here’s what you can expect: a chance to invest in your own abilities, showcase your trading talents, and get access to significant trading funds.


What is a Maven Trading Prop Firm?

Maven Trading is a well-known brand in the world of finance that provides traders with amazing capital access options for trading several financial instruments. It is also called Maven Proprietary Trading Firm or Maven Prop Firm. 

Maven Trading is known for offering Flexible And Easily accessible financial instruments, which attracts a big community of traders. It allows traders to trade all time without time limitation, and the profit targets of the firm are relatively low.

The balance-based drawdown of the company considers a standout feature. This tool enables traders to effectively manage their risk of losing. Moreover, Maven Trading also offers a number of trading instruments like Forex, Stocks, Futures, and options which make it more versatile.

Maven Proprietary Firm Trading has managed to attract traders and has gained much positive feedback from them since its establishment. Its reliable and consistent PAYOUTS and advanced trading instruments satisfied the trader’s community while making it one of the safe trading firms.

How Does Maven Trading Prop Firm Work?

Joining Maven Trading firm in its remarkable journey empowers a simple yet quite exciting process. 

  • First Step

Engages you in a storm of trading tasks that have more than 400+ pairs of options.

  • Second Step

In the very first stage of the 2-Phase challenge, venture into the Challenge and make sure to illustrate prowess. This stag

The second and most important step engages in Verification which involves a repetition of the Challenge with simple and easy rules. However, this step encourages safety measures that analyze your first successes and see whether it was really genuine or you won out of luck. 

  • Third Step

Once the platform ascertains user trading competency, it leads to the next step, a Live Account. This step enhances your excitement. It allows you to keep 80% profit that you generate during the trading. 

Not only this, the anytime withdrawal option makes the withdrawal easier and more helpful. Whereas the conditions of trading it offers are equally conductive and clear.

Broker And Commision 

Maven Prop Trading Firm partners up with broker EightCap, allowing optimal trading options and low spreads. FOREX trades, however, earn a 5% commission per lot. Crypto trades, Oil, and CFDSs do not take any commission.

The firm offers carrying leverage based on instruments that are traded. For instance, 30:1 on FOREX and commodities, 10:1 on indices, and 20:1 on crypto.


Then comes the Payout stage. This stage allows you to manage and take control of the rest. Maven Trading provides unlimited max trading days to its users that allow daily drawdown depending on the current balance during a 10% drawdown on overall static.

  • Payout Frequency

The best thing that I reviewed is you can have a payout after every 14 days. The condition is you should have a minimum of 1% in your realized account. 

Unique Offerings

The frequency of trading brings the trader closer to their target of profit, which is set for the 1-Step Challenge at 9% and for the 2-Step Challenge at 5%. Well, Maven Trading does offer unique offerings to its traders, which include:

  • News trading
  • Special buyback option
  • Weekend holding
  • Expert advisors

Apart from this, it offers another amazing feature which includes an instant reset feature. Maven Trading does not restrict traders, instead giving them another chance to start over with a no-pressuring trading environment.

Who Is Maven Trading Prop Firm For?

Maven Prop Trading hosts distinct types of traders with unique goals and needs. These traders, however, include:

  • Novice Traders

Maven Trading conducts challenges before a live account. These challenges help the newbies to illustrate their skills in trading and gain enough experience in the market to withstand its pressure.

  • Experienced Traders

Experienced traders who are in search of funding their capital for trading tasks may consider Maven Prop Trading the best platform. Maven Trading offers an exceptionally high level of funding options which enables experienced traders to maintain their portfolios without staking their capital. 

  • Part-time Traders

Traders who are fully committed full-time yet still want to spend their free time trading. The no-time-limit policy of Maven Trading for completing challenges guarantees to trade anytime they want without worrying about the capital and portfolio.

  • Trading Communities

The Trading community of Maven Prop Firm Trading comprises 10,000+ traders, both novice and expert. This community allows traders to share ideas, experiences, and strategies with each other and aids others in building a strong portfolio. 

1-Step Challenge Account Rules

Sizes: 1-Step AccountRequired Cost

Objectives of Trading

Minimum Days of Trading Zero
Maximum Days of TradingUnlimited (No Time Limit)
Phase 1 Target9%
Maximum Daily Loss4%
Maximum Overall Loss6% Trailing
Profit Split80%
Maximum Capital Allocation$500,000
  • A profit target refers to a certain profit percentage that a user or trader needs to get before completing an evaluation stage, withdrawing those profiles, or scaling the account.
  • There is just one stage to pass for a 1-step Maven challenge account before getting a real live-funded trading account. 
  • The first phase’s target profit is 9%.
  • Founded trading accounts do not have any profit targets.
  • Max daily loss refers to a maximum loss that a trader can reach out to on a regular basis before violating the account.
  • The 1-step Maven account has a 4% max daily loss. 
  • Whereas maximum loss refers to a max limit of loss that a trader can face before violating the terms of the account. 
  • All 1-Step Maven accounts have a 6% maximum loss limit.
  • The minimum trading period refers to the minimum trading days that a trader needs for trading before completing an evaluation stage or requesting a withdrawal.
  • However, the 1-step evaluation stage does not have a minimum days trading requirement.
  • The maximum trading period refers to the maximum number of trading days a trader needs for trading to reach a specific withdrawal target or profit target.
  • Both the 1-Step Maven account and the live Funded account have No-time-limit. This literally means you can trade for unlimited time to achieve your target.

Trading Using Bots/EA

Maven Prop Firm Trading allows users to use bots or EAs on all types of accounts in all types of phases.

However, the amazing offer also comes with some restriction that refers to which type of EAs can be allowed and which cannot.

Prohibited EA-types

  • High-Frequency EA of trading
  • News scalping 
  • Tick scalping
  • Arbitrage EAs
  • Multi-account reversal trading EA
  • Any type of EA that abuse the server of the demo

Note: Usage of third-party EA from open source enhances the chances of violating trading rules. However, if you choose to use a third-party EA, make sure to utilize different settings or files so that everyone takes a different set of entries and exits.

2-Step Challenge Account Rules

Sizes: 2-Step AccountRequired Cost

Objectives of Trading

Minimum Days of Trading Zero
Minimum Trading DaysUnlimited 
Phase 1 Target9%
Phase 2 Target5%
Minimum Daily Loss5%
Minimum Overall Loss10%
Profit Split80%
Minimum Capital Allocation$5k
  • The 2-Step Maven account challenge consists of 2 stage evaluations. 
  • The first phase has a 9% profit target.
  • The second phase has a 5% profit target 
  • Its live-funded trading account does not have any profit target.
  • Max daily loss refers to the maximum loss that a trader faces on a regular basis before violating the account.
  • All 2-step Maven accounts have a 5% maximum daily loss.
  • Maximum overall loss refers to the maximum loss that a trader reaches on overall statistics before violating the account. 
  • All 2-step Maven accounts have a 10% maximum loss. 

Profit Split And Max Allocation

The funding account of Maven Trading provides an 80% profit split.

Maven Trading offers around $500k max allocation for trading.

Maven Trading Scaling Plan

Scaling works in two ways. The daily DD regulation scale as it’s 5% off the account balance, so as it grows, so does your DD limit.

The maximum DD remains static or contestant at -10% all time.

Moreover, Maven Prop Firm Trading also offers traders to scale their accounts with additional provided funds for getting long-term profit.

Scaling needs a manual request. However, Maven trading most probably will not scale your account unless you have five profitable payouts. If your account condition matches this one feature, Maven Trading will award you with 25% additional funds for trading.

Also, the account balance does not have any limit to scale.

The Scoop on the Account Reset and Buy Backs

  • Account Reset

Maven Trading allows users to recover their live account drawdown by spending the drawdown they have lost.

The firm will check the data of your account and offer you with exceptional option (50-100% of the DD price)

  • Buy Back Feature 

Maven Trading also provides a Buy Back option that allows users to skip the verification stage and pay 50% of the account challenge cost to buy back the funded account.

This directly takes you back to your funded account. And this feature undoubtedly is a great option for traders.

Pros of Maven Trading 

  • Outstanding Features at Maven Trading

Maven’s exceptional balanced base drawdown sets a high standard, allowing trading down to the last cent of the total drawdown. The seamless automation of percentage profit taking in both phases, with swift evaluation pass certificates and prompt position closures, is unparalleled in my experience.

  • Achieved Victory with a $5K Account

Successfully secured a $5K account at Maven Trading, where the support was friendly and remarkably swift, granting instant account access. This reliable proprietary trading firm is instilled with trustworthiness, accompanied by appealing features like the buyback option.

Con of Maven Trading 

  • Caution: Avoid Joining Maven

A disappointing experience with this proprietary trading firm. Beware, as hidden rules exist despite their claim of no restrictions on their website.


In summary, Maven Pop Firm Trading is a reputable proprietary trading firm. It provides traders with a valuable opportunity to select from diverse funding programs. 

The company has garnered commendable acclaim from traders, and its trader-centric regulations underscore its commitment to benefiting the trading community at large.

Maven Trading
  • Passability
  • Profit Split
  • Trading Capital
  • Client Feedback
  • Customer Support


A Prop firm run by HunterFX that with multiple challenges and up to 1 million in funding.

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