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Mass Pips Makers – Forex System

mass pips makersMass Pips Makers – Forex System

Hi traders, just a busy morning here at the Forex Robot Nation headquarters. I have another system here that just popped up overnight, so lets take a look at Mass Pip Makers.

Wise Forex trader massacres the brokers with a brand new and secret system.

Here we have a developer that doesn’t like Forex robots and feels that his system mass pip makers is the future. I will quickly go over some of the bullet points which are supposed to make this system special.

  • Eliminating risk, you can sleep well at night because there is no risk when you are not on your computer.
  • You can start with minimal capital, as low as $100.00.
  • Can be used with any budget, large or small.
  • Mass pip makers means complete freedom except those times when you are at your computer of course.

Now lets take a look at what you get if you buy the mass pip makers forex software:

  • With just 1-2 steps you will be able to make profitable trades with the system.
  • The manual in full color, not sure why color is important to note but it is noted on the mass pips makers page.
  • A proprietary indicator this will give signals and alerts via email.
  • Template files and an automated installer to make mass pips makers real easy to set up.

So what do we think about mass pips makers. First of all, there are no results to be found on the page anywhere, just a couple screen shots so that is an easy red flag. Am I going to buy this software? No, probably not. If someone emails me and says hey you really need to try mass pips makers then maybe I will give it a shot but only if it is one of the dedicated Forex Robot Nation members.

Well if you have any information on mass pips makers then feel free to add it to our review below.

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mass pips makers

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