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Mason FX Scalper

mason fx scalperMason FX scalper is a new Forex indicator and trading system that is built to make traders 20 to 40 pips in a few minutes. The developers of this software believe that it is easy to learn, use and is built from professional trading strategies.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting you know my thoughts on this new indicator and trading software.

Mason FX Scalper Review

This new Forex indicator the Mason FX scalper uses a special combination of indicators that allows for 4 different types of trading alerts. The software is non-repainting which is something most Forex traders are aware of and look for out of indicators. The strategy behind the software is focused on reversal patterns. This is a classic strategy being used for scalpers and seems to be one of the only scalping strategies that can work in the long-term.

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The Mason FX scalper works just like other Forex indicators in this market. On the meta-trader four chart traders will see up arrows that signified by trades and down arrows signify sell trades. They give an example of using a 10 pip stoploss and a 20 pip target profit as a basic money management model to use with the strategy. The software also comes with a swing trading strategy which they outline on the website and if you want to learn more about that to go head there and read more about it. I may add more to this review depending on whether the Forex robot nation community is interested or not.

At this point in time I’m not going to give a full recommendation to the Mason FX scalper. I think that the website as well put together, the strategies discussed thoroughly and there’s no reason we shouldn’t believe this vendor. On the other hand, the software costs $200 which for a Forex indicator is extremely expensive and not something I will spend money on until some of the Forex robot nation readers tell me it’s worth my time. If you have something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments below. I appreciate you coming to the website today and I hope that this review helps you make your decision.

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