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Mason Forex Expert Advisor

mason forex

Mason Forex is a new expert advisor that claims to take the guess work out of Forex trading. The developers of this software understand that trading Forex requires a large amount of knowledge but they believe they have done this work and put it all together in an EA.

Today I will be reviewing this software and informing the Forex Robot Nation readers on the potential profitability of the software.

Mason Forex Review

The Mason Forex system is a 100% automated Forex robot that works with 10 currency pairs and in all types of market conditions. The system comes with a full stop loss and take profit, as well as a profit protection strategy and enhanced money management. The developers of this software believe that their “complex money management” system plays a large role in the success of their system and any automated software for that matter.

As for results the Mason Forex software provides two back tests and two myfxbook accounts.  I will focus more on the myfxbook accounts as backtests over the years have become more and more unreliable. The accounts show modest growth, nothing over the top which means this is a slow and steady winner, the type of system I generally look for. The software has a gain over nearly 20% with a draw down of 12%. Per month the system averages 1.7% gain so this isn’t going to transform your account but it looks to provide a stable push. The trade history is also private which is very rare, I am not sure why the developer is doing this, I will email them to find out, but it is a red flag.

Mason Forex Conclusion

I am not 100% sold on the Mason Forex robot but it does provide us with what looks to be a steady gainer over the past year. I am not going to condemn this system because it is not making big claims but I am not ready to give the software the Forex Robot Nation recommendation. This is a system I plan on watching over the next few months and hopefully discussing with some other Forex traders.

If you have something you would like to contribute to the Mason Forex review please leave your comments below the article. Thanks for coming and please contact me if you need any help with your Forex trading.

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