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MAM EA Review: Pagliani Fund

Today I’m looking at a Forex developer that specializes in both managed accounts and expert advisors, Pagliani Fund. Recently, I’ve received an email from one of my readers asking me to investigate this trading group to see if they are legitimate, and truly have something to offer the community. While there is very little information about this group online, including their own sales page, I will do my best to investigate and provide an in-depth analysis with what I have to work with.

Pagliani Systems is the company behind this EA and MAM fund. The owner of the service is Jose Pagliani, who is located in Los Realejos, Spain. The company comes across as a one-man operation, which is very common in the Forex marketplace, and not something that worries me. In order to get in touch with Jose, traders can email, or add “” on Skype.


Pagliani Fund Review

With the creator of the Pagliani Fund being from Spain, the lack of information and detail likely has something to do with Jose’s knowledge of the English language. According to the sales page, the developers do tell us that they utilize a team of traders that take advantage of the latest technology. They claim to have servers in New York data centers that help them adapt to market movements in real time. There are also 2 risk managers that are paid to monitor these trading accounts 24 hours a day.

There seems to be some major issues with the web-page currently. If you try to sign up with the expert advisor, or the MAM account, neither currently exist. Both options return products are pages that aren’t available.

This makes me wonder if the service is still available to the public, or if it has been totally abandoned by the developer. There isn’t a lot of interest, or marketing online, so it’s very possible that this service is just no longer available. That being said, I will still quickly go through the results and anything else I find pertinent about the service.


  • Type: Forex EA/MAM
  • Price: Undisclosed
  • Strategy: Undisclosed
  • Timeframe: Undisclosed

As you can see in the breakdown, the Paglianu Fund does a poor job at providing details about their software and strategy. We are not provided with the price for the expert advisor, but we are told that the MAM account requires traders invest between 10,000 to 25,000 USD “for adaptive management.”

Trading Results

Jose provides traders with one Myfxbook account, running the Pagliani Fund on the Lowcost Forex brokerage. This account was first created in February 2016, and is showing a gain of just over 9200%, with a drawdown of around 30%. In looking closer at this account, we can see that it hasn’t traded since the end of August, and the of erratic nature of the account is quite strange.

In looking closely at the account, you can see that almost all of the gains have occurred in 4 months. Sadly, the open trades, open orders and trade history are all kept private, so I can’t go into too much more depth about this. Yet, I will say that the way this account is being traded is extremely aggressive in some months, and then the exact opposite and others.

If you signed up with the service before March, you’d be very happy because the entire year’s profits occurred in March. However, ever since this month there’s been little to no trading on the account at all. This again, makes me wonder if the service is still active.


This probably isn’t the most helpful review I’ve ever done because the Pagliani Fund team provide little to no information about their services. Yet, I have uncovered the fact that this service isn’t active at this point in time, and that’s valuable information for anyone looking to sign up. Considering there is no way to sign up with this service right now, that makes it easy for me to avoid the recommendation.

If you have anything you would like to add to this review, please leave your comments and questions below the article now.

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  1. Total fraud…website is now called mam-ea
    THEY asked to trade on my account, I deposit 1000 dollars and THEY lose it all in 2 days, THEY use averaging trading style….and keep adding trades to losses
    I feel like swearing at them…
    THEY promised full refund and now refuse to communicate and even had the cheek to ask me to buy discounted ea…what a joke…
    Please watch the video by reviewer above on youtube

      • i made a video on youtube that shows all my evidence and even their emails where they stated they would refund me….however, now they stopped replying to my emails….so i have posted review on this site, youtube and forex peace army, so that everyone else can save their hard earned cash 🙁 please type mam ea on youtube and look for my nickname harry

  2. I have invested in MAM-EA as an investor and also bought the robot. This is a fraud. The company OFXFM and Volker Muller is a fraud. Stay away! They say they offer refund on your money if they lose your deposit. WRONG! They won’t even talk to you! Neither will they refund the money for the robot that does not work!

  3. Hello Guys,

    I have uploaded this video to aware of
    They are a bunch of fraud people, they play with our money and there is no robot or anything they are just working on luck.
    I am suggested please do not invest in this.
    I did and I lost, after a loss, no one will reply from mam-ea support

    check this video link you will get to know how much profit or loss they are making

    please share this message as much as possible

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