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Magic IB System

magic-ib-systemMagic IB system is the latest project from a development team called my Forex magic wave. I can’t say I’ve heard of this team nor the product that they believe that their system has the capabilities to make accounts grow at a consistent rate.

Today I’ll be reviewing these claims and informing the Forex robot nation community on whether or not this product is worthwhile.

Magic IB System Review

The Magic IB system has been given this name because it focuses on watching the price given in sidebar for each turn. After getting and in sidebar on a higher timeframe it is easy to take entries from a smaller timeframe. This is the basis of the strategy being used by this Forex system. This system is manual and so traders will have to learn how to implement the strategy and take advantage of it using their own knowledge and experience.

Traders who get subscribed to the Magic IB system will gain access to live webinars that occur several times a week. In these webinars the developer teaches traders both basic and more advanced trading knowledge. He tells us that he will often focus on harmonic patterns and Elliott wave analysis because he believes that these are extremely important technical aspects that have to be learned by every Forex trader. He will teach traders how to draw trend lines properly, how to make channels, how to identify harmonic patterns, how to calculate Elliott wave structure and much more.

At this point I’ve yet to test the Magic IB system so I can’t give a final recommendation. This all really comes down to how good of a teacher the developer of the software is. If he knows what he’s talking about and is able to demonstrate and teach this properly to his students then I will have no issue giving this a recommendation. So now is the time where you tell me your experiences with the system so that I can relay that information to the rest of the Forex robot nation community. Thank you for coming to read my review today and I hope that you spend more time here looking around at what systems are currently working for my readers.

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