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London Open Breakout Trading Strategy (+$11K)

This week, I’m waking up at 3:00 AM to teach you a winning trading strategy that’s going to fill our pockets. 

I’m trading the London open breakout on my live $50,000 trading account. I’ll show you exactly how to use the strategy. Show you my live trading results and get you back in the pool. 

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London Breakout Trading Strategy

The strategy is really simple to understand. During the night the Asian session, nothing really happens, but when the London session opens, there’s usually a big swing, a big price movement, and every day we can take advantage of that price. So let me open up a chart right now and show you how to win trades on a daily basis that only take a few hours to close. 

This London open breakout strategy is incredible. So get your ass into right now, and follow along with me. The first thing you want to do is go to your indicators, just click London and Aussie session. That’s your first indicator and then install the MACD. This is your second indicator. This is all you need. 

You need two indicators. We’re just running it on the 30 minute timeframe. That’s a great timeframe to get these breakouts. And then we are looking at two sessions. The first session we’re looking at is the Asian session right here, This is in red. And then we are looking at the London session right here in green. And we looking for a breakout somewhere within the first few candles of that trading session. 

Now, let me take a look and show you these examples. Let me show you how to use this strategy.

Strategy Examples

So all you want to do is draw support and resistance. So you’re drawing your support and resistance based on the highs and the low lows of the Asian session. So we have our highs up here. And we have our low down here. Then once we get into the London session, which is the green line right here, we are looking for the price to break through either our support or our resistance. You can see it breaks through the key level right here. And the price closes right here. 

At this point, I’m looking for sell opportunities. I want the Mac D below zero, which it is right here. So this is a sell trade. This is all I’m looking for. If you look at this, we would bank all of these pips right here in the London session. 

Now, if you didn’t understand, don’t worry. I’ll give you another example. And I will show you all my live trades I did this week as well. So let’s draw it again. So we have our resistance right here. Let’s draw it. Okay, We have our support right here. Let’s draw it again. Okay. Bingo. Bingo. Easy. Right? This is what it looks like now. What do we have? We have the price breaking through right here. We have the price closing right here. We have the Mac D below zero. Now, if you’re looking at this one, this one’s actually incredible because you can see the price actually retest right here, making this an even stronger entry, If you know anything about price action, you’ll love to see a good retest. 

So it retests our key level. And then boom! This would be a great place to put your trade and you would bank all of those pips. Amazing! This is a strategy. Now let me show you my live trades using the London open breakout, where I woke up this week at 3:00 AM.

Live London Breakout Trades

All right, let’s get into some live trades now using the London breakout strategy. So let’s set the tally at $0 and see where I make out by the end of the week. For my first trade of the week, I’m trading a US dollar Swiss Franc trade. You can see, I have my support and resistance from right here. You can see this is actually not great. I should probably draw this line up here, but it is what it is. My first trade of the week. I’m always making a mistake. 

I make enough other mistake here. I opened the trade here. When the Mac D is below zero, it’s supposed to be above zero. So really I should be throwing this trade in the garbage, but we should be placing the trade after we see the candle closing outside of our support and resistance breaking through the price, but this did end up still giving us a win of $1,484. 

I set my take profit around 15 to 25 or 20 to 30 pips with this strategy and my stop loss, I’m trying to do a one to one risk reward ratio. 

My second trade is much cleaner. I know the first one was sloppy and you are probably roasting me in the comments, but that’s fine. You can see here. My support and resistance lines are much better. This is a much better pattern we’re looking at right here. So we get the breakthrough right here. We get the closed candle. We have the Mac D below zero. Now I’m looking for sell opportunities. I wait a couple more candles in this case. You can see here the trade opens up, this great Britain Pound US dollar sell, goes in our direction. And I hit $3,040 with this win. 

For my third trade, I have my support and resistance setup.

Obviously in this one, I actually set up my support assistance kind of poorly. My resistance should be a bit tighter somewhere about here, which would make my stop loss actually a bit shorter somewhere around here. So it’s not the best trade. But if you look at the breakout, we get into the Asian session right here. The candle breaks through. Now I have the Mac D below zero. My confirmations are together. So I hit a sell trade. You could see this sell trade went in my direction. A Euro US dollar win worth $1,550. 

For my fourth trade, The support and resistance lines are solid. You can see here. It’s exactly where you want them to be. This was a really good trade. This is a good example. You can see here. The candle breaks through. I decide to set a buy trade because the Mac D is also giving me the double confirmation. This is a buy trade. It goes in my direction. Boom! This is a win for $3,990. It was the best trade I had on the week. 

For my last trade of the week, You could see this is another good trade. I have my support and resistance levels set up. Very good. The price breaks out of the box and closes. So I set a buy trade because it closes here and I have the Mac D confirmation. So I’ve got two confirmations. The trade goes right in my direction. Doesn’t get anywhere close to my stop loss. And I bank $1,650. Let me tally it all up and show you the results.

Final Results

So obviously after a full week using the London breakout strategy, I’m incredibly happy. I took five trades. All five of those trades won. I made $11,700. The trade lengths were around an hour and a half. I had one in 10 minutes, one around 40 minutes, and the longest trade was around five hours. So not only was I in and out of trades easily, but the strategy was working flawlessly. I definitely made mistakes throughout the way. And I’m definitely lucky that the first trade didn’t result in a loss because I messed up the rules. 

Now, if you want to use this strategy, please let me know in the comments your results with the strategy. Show me some of your trades. I’ll analyze them for you. You can leave a comment below. You can email me and Hey, if you got this far in the video, go to my Instagram account, give me a follow, send me a DM. In the DM, Tell me you got to the end of the video and I’ll give a bunch of you a free week of my VIP signals, where I give analysis and trading education. Thanks for watching the video Guys, tell me what you want to see in the comments next time, and I’ll catch you later.


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