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LH Forex Signals

lh forex signals

There is a new signal provider Laszlo Hun releasing his service LH Forex Signals.

The Forex signal service costs $87 per month so this isn’t your normal cheap provider. In order to truly evaluate a signal service it is important to focus on the trader, so I will look into the developer.

LH Forex Signals Creator

Laszlo is a professional trader from Hungary. He is a “former bank trader and manager, Laszlo today trades his own accounts as a full time independent trader.”  He approaches his trading much like Vladimir Ribakov, in specific, Ribakov’s divergence and money management methods. Laszlo uses these “as the basis for building his own unique trading approach.”

 In research I have done I found that Laszlo has a Hungarian Forex blog ( This site was last active in early  December but since has not had any new posts. On the right hand side there are example signals with targets. Not much to the site, looks like a failed project.

LH Forex Signals Trades

At this point in time there are no signals. The system has not been released so we will be able to find more about these signals in the next few days.

I will update the trades / results section as more details become available.

LH Forex Signals Conclusion

I can’t really provide a full conclusion yet because there are very few details. My initial thoughts are in the middle, I neither think that this is overly bad or overly good. I think the price point is a little high but if the signals are winners then that won’t be an issue.

At this point I would like to open up a forum for conversation. If you have initial thoughts on the LH Forex Signals please leave your comments below. Look forward to hearing from you and keep on winning.

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