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keltner proKeltner Pro is a new Keltner channel trading system that made two friends over $112,000 in three months trading Forex. The developers of the software claim that any trader can now benefit from this software in just a matter of minutes.

Today I will be providing a review about this new fully automated system and letting the Forex robot nation community understand the potential benefits.

Keltner Pro Review

The two friends that created this system are named Jared Rybak and Adam Miller. Both of these to a relative unknowns so it is hard to see how they came up with this Keltner Pro system but the software does have a couple of my FX book accounts showing impressive results. The first my FX book account is Jared’s and it shows a monthly gain of 67% with a draw down 30%. In it. Of March to July software has taken eight $6000 account intruded into a $68,000 account which is something that definitely has my interest piqued.

The second Keltner Pro account brand from a similar. But shows less trades, a lower monthly gain of 36% and a low draw down of 17%. I would have to assume that this is a lower risk setting then how Jared runs software. For the system was created when the developers came across the how to make money in commodities book by Chester Keltner.

The strategy of the Keltner Pro system is not discussed in any detail. All we know is that it is a Keltner channel strategy with little bit of a twist. At this point in time it is a very new software so we don’t have much information about the thoughts from the Forex community but I imagine these opinions will start pouring quickly considering the success the system has had on my FX book. At $500 I won’t be recommending the Keltner program immediately because the price is very steep but this is certainly a system that we should keep on our watchlist. That means I will be checking in with this website as well as making sure that be have some comments from people using the software before diving in fully. I hope you have a wonderful day in that you found my review useful.

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