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Keltner Bells – Netpicks Latest Forex Software

keltner bellsI am sure you have heard of Keltner Bells by now, this latest Forex software by Netpick is a trading system they have been testing for nearly an entire year.

Tagline: Powerful Forex Swing Trading Strategy!

This Keltner Bells system is designed to trade Forex in a swing trading basis. I will go over some of the basics of how it works and what we can expect in the future from this Forex trading system.

Combining the theories of the Keltner Channels and the Kettle Bell workout the strategy has been built. This strategy is built to look for the extreme market moves so when the market reaches its peak they can predict when it comes down.

The Keltner Bells system uses power ratios to figure out how much to risk on a trade. So, the system will profit more on a winning trade than the risk on a losing trade. The system uses special bars to win more per trade than you lose per trade. Thus, all you need to do is win more than 50%. Using this strategy they feel Keltner Bells can easily double your Forex profits using a ratio of 7:4.

They found that there are consistent settings across a number of pairs that can utilize the Keltner Bells strategy. They say that you rarely have to change or optimize settings but there are times where personalization doesn’t hurt. When asked about how the Keltner Bells system reacts to fast moving markets where there is a lot of slippage the developers claimed that they won’t catch up every possible set up in 24 hours. The design of this system is not to trade frequently, there will be both winners and losers that aren’t caught but in the end they will balance out.

Keltner Bells Conclusion

This is going to be a very serious Forex program for serious traders. They have obviously put a lot of work into the Keltner Bells system and into all the videos they have produced to help explain it. I will be keeping an eye out on this software frequently as the videos come out and adding more information to this review when it does.

If you have any information on Keltner Bells or Netpicks please leave them below.

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